3-Bike Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack

3-Bike Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack

Just letting you all know: these monkey bars are the biggest piece of crap I"ve ever purchased. I regret it immensely.

If you have a road bike that weighs 800 grams, this bar might do the trick for you.

If you have a cheap wally world mountain bike, or a beach cruiser, this device is not going to work.

You will spend many minutes every time you want to get a bike up on the rack to stay properly without the little hooks popping off the bar. And once you do have everything precariously balanced on the bar, no one will want to touch it ever again, because if you knock one bike accidentally, it will take down all of the other bikes with it.

And good luck feeling comfortable enough to park your several thousand dollar car next to this contraption just waiting to explode bike parts all over your sweet sweet ride.

You have been warned.


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Came here to leave a similar comment.

I applied some zip ties to the hooks which has worked out ok. No bikes have fallen since making this adjustment.

Also I was not able to get three bikes on the three bike bar. The bikes tend to turn sideways, so I was only able to get two adult mountain bikes on it (safely).

Manufacturer - you should extend the latch to go all the way around the bar, vs. relying on 1cm of metal to hold the hook on the bar. Any flex in the hook pops it right off the bar.


There’s no way it’s 1cm of overlap. Closer to 5mm lol