3-Bottle Black Triangle Tote (1)

3-Bottle Black Triangle Tote
$19.99 $̶3̶5̶.̶9̶9̶ 44% off List Price

3-Bottle Black Triangle Tote; includes:
2 - Acrylic Wine Glasses
1 - Cheese/Butter Knife
2 - Napkins
1 - Bottle Opener
1 - Wood Cutting Board

This one on Amazon looks the same.

[MOD: Different product/brand. Ours has a cutting board too.]

Three bottles.

Two glasses.

Sounds about right.

Here it is!! With reviews http://www.amazon.com/Picnic-Time-Meritage-Insulated-Triangular/dp/B000ZMHB64/ref=pd_sim_sbs_k_2



Happy Independence Day !!!







I was given one of these by a friend who knows I like wine and outdoors. Unfortunately my better half does not, so the Tote remains unused. Sad.

The reviews posted in above link, refer to only TWO bottles.
The product on woot says THREE bottles

Seriously? Made in China! I was ready to whip out my Made in the USA credit card for this one until I saw MADE IN CHINA! On Independence Day - MADE IN CHINA!

I would have gladly paid $29.95 of one Made in the USA!

I do credit Woot! for telling us though. That’s better than LL Bean or Land’s End. They both are just too embarrassed to list countries or origin on the web.

2 people drink 3 bottles of wine on a picnic, 2 people are NOT driving home from that picnic.

OK, I like that thought. In for 1.

…Sweet Jesus!

THIS is the “deal” on the 4th of July? China?

Really…this could have been soooo much better. A missed opportunity for Woot and for us.

Oh well…back to the cellar.
Cheers and…
Happy 4th!

Looking at the pictures, I can’t figure out where there is room to store food. Can anyone who owns one comment on this?

Black Triangle? This should be a super-secret sale available to certain Wooters only.

The write-up suggests you can remove the 3rd wine bottle for food (short salami or cheese block). Which sounds more viable for a picnic than 3 bottles of wine.

… but ideal for a bacchanal.

I find myself with a nearly overwhelming desire to purchase this nearly perfect, picnic device.

Challenge is, I’ve no one to picnic with and likely wouldn’t take this somewhere to picnic solo.

Or would I??

I’m moving to Hawaii. Perhaps I could pack this with a sunset celebration dinner and enjoy on the beach.

Hell yes. Just talked myself into it.

Thanks, Wine.Woot!

Happy Independence Day!