3-Foot Vienna Berry Christmas Tree

I presume you don’t have any Chanukkah bushes in your warehouse?

haa haa, 1 year warranty. Just say 1 use warranty!

Arrives at your door pre-lit and completely assembled

Pre-lit? How is that done?!? A LONG extension cord from Woot?

Well looks kinda cool, so I bought one.

This is an excellent purchase if you want to reenact a Godzilla Christmas.

Maybe it will be pre-lit the way I will be… EGGNOG!

Can these be used outdoors?

Speaking of cats, won’t cats eat the plastic needles and get an intestinal blockage? I thought you wanted a real tree if you have cats.

Pre-Lit is an accepted term for being pre strung with lights. You see it on all these trees that have the lights on them.

I’ve had at least 4 cats around for all my life as well as artificial trees and I can honestly say this has never happened in my 30 years on the planet.

Same price at Wal-Mart, no deal here.

But in my 49, have seen it twice. Now the plastic tree stays inside and the cats stay outside!

guaranteed to arrive by Christmas 2012

I have no idea what you are doing, but I leave the tree undecorated for a few weeks and spray it down with a cayenne pepper spray everyday. When I go to decorate they are completely uninterested in the tree.

Fake Christmas trees are reported to have HIGH LEAD CONTENT. I don’t know about this one. Anybody?

What if I don’t have an tabletop?

probably be ok unless you eat the tree…

Not sure, but I’m pretty sure they have HIGH FAKE CONTENT.

Lead makes it even more delicious than a real tree without all that troublesome fiber.