3 Gallon Beverage Dispenser w/Infuser, Stand & 6 Glasses

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3 Gallon Beverage Dispenser w/Infuser, Stand & 6 Glasses
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Jul 03 to Friday, Jul 04) + transit
Condition: New


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Not much feedback out there on this one, but These People are trying to get twice as much for it.

Is the center infuser plastic?

I think all of it is plastic…

EDIT: Nope, I lied. Everything but the jar and cups.

Spout and infuser are plastic. Shame.

Went to a party where they had 2 of these - both leaked more of the contents (one water, one tea) onto the counter than into the cups.

On the bright side - it really fostered social interaction, because the flow rate forced you to stand there for 2 minutes to get a 6 ounce cup of fluid. So there was plenty of time for awkward small talk with others at the party.

Just for clarification, were the two leaky ones you are referring to this models/brand specifically or just drink dispensers like these?

Sun tea? ??

Ooohh, you’re a bad guy. Woot put you on probation. lol

Any chance you think it would be easy to replace the cheap nozzle?

That was many moons ago. He just likes to show off.

As an added bonus, it says the glasses are made of glass. Imagine that!

From what I read on another site, you need to make sure to tighten the spout with most dispensers.

I’ve been needing this for recirculating my Kombucha! Woohoo!

that’s what I was thinking and you can buy stainless steel spouts for about $15

Woohoo! Glad there’s a small crew here that thinks this would be a great purchase for the kombucha continuous brew setup :slight_smile:

Uh-Oh…just got home from breakfast to find an incredibly well packaged box of broken glass… Seriously - I’ve NEVER seen any box come with as much warning tape on it informing that the contents were fragile, only to find nothing more than splinters inside. Good Luck everyone else - hopefully I’m the only one.

Oh man, that stinks. If you haven’t, please email support@woot.com with your order info and issue. Let us know how things turn out!

Just got mine and 4 out of 6 glass mugs were in pieces. They weren’t packed well, no bubble wrap. Everything else was fine.
Update: I just got my replacement from Woot. Everything intact plus I didn’t have to return the original shipment.
Just to clarify, dispenser and glasses are glass, everything else plastic. No leaking from spout. I made sure to tighten it. Spout is plastic but seems pretty durable and doesn’t look cheap. Excellent price.