3 Gallon Beverage Dispenser w/Infuser, Stand & 6 Glasses

Same here! Everything looked great from the outside, but there are tiny shards of glass everywhere inside where the mugs are… :frowning:

Recd. my reply from Support.WOOT this morning - a replacement will be on the way … &&& … MOST THANKFULLY - I do NOT need to figure out how to return all those broken bits of glass!

That’s good to know. I opened mine yesterday to find that half of the mason jar glasses were broken. I contacted support.woot but am still waiting on a reply. It sounds like this was a common issue on this product.

Mine was received with broken glasses also. No damage to shipping boxes.

Well; the second box is in and the standings are thus: I now have 2 clear plastic infusers w/lid, 2 woven plastic stands, 1 intact 3 gallon beverage dispenser, and 2 intact glasses. In my original order, even the large dispenser was broken, but this time it is fine, as are the 2 glasses which were in bubble wrap in the middle of the woven storage stand. The problem, it would seem, is how the other 4 glasses are packed for shipping. They are packaged 2 per thin cardboard box, with the handle from each facing the other - and they are apparently breaking from hitting each other during shipping, as I see “impact spots” on those broken handle bits. The exterior shipping box was safely packaged inside yet another box this time, with even more Texas air bags for cushion - but I am gonna guess that, with the 2 glasses handles banging each other in the boxes, those 4 glasses still never had a chance.

Manhandsha…direction, please - back to support.WOOT again?

Ugh. Yes, write them again. I’m alerting the buyer as well for future.

I never received mine so I tracked it- looks like my local FedEx office denied acceptance because of damage and sent it back. Funny that no one from Woot contacted me to let me know what was happening. I paid 2 day shipping. With all these others posting about broken items, I’m tempted to just cancel the order.

Customer service was great! There is a replacement on the way for me as well. I am so happy that I can now get the giant box of tiny glass shards out of the house!

I seem to have had the same issue, where the mugs packed in sets of two in the wicker had a casualty in each box where the two loose ones in the middle were fine.

FedEx doesn’t tell us when they do this. We find out when it arrives back at a warehouse.

I’m sorry for the damage. Please email support@woot.com for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

My replacement arrived today and there was another mug casualty. They need to cushion the mugs in the cardboard boxes much better. The handles seems to hit and break starting there.

I won’t be writing to customer service again as I have more than enough mugs to make a full set now!

I hope Artland will rethink their packaging methods!

Yup same thing here. Mine had 2 broken glasses in the first shipment. My replacement had 1 broken glass. They packaged it so horribly with 4 of the glasses handle-to-handle.

My 3rd attempt at getting a full set arrives tomorrow - fingers crossed. Right now my glass survival rate count stands at 2…but then again, nothing glass survived in my first box. I gotta say that WOOT offered me my choice of a full refund, or to try and make it right - and since I have the option, and it is for me and not a gift, I’m rolling the dice to see it thru to accomplishing a complete set. I really do want these, & so I’ll probably be back here posting my comments on how long it takes to fulfill that dream LONG after everyone else has forgotten this item. It seriously is a cool looking, well-made set…its just the manufacturer’s idea of glass packaging that kills it.

In addendum - I would just go buy some of the glasses and call it a day, if it were that easy - because you can purchase a whole 48 of them on Amazon for $26.49 … it’s the $49.49 shipping charge that puts the brakes on it for me.

And shipment #3 has arrived! I am wondering by now if this is a local delivery problem for me down here in Florida, as again I have massive breakage in this box. This time even the plastic silver cap was cracked in half, along with 4 of the glasses. For any left watching this thread, gonna try support.WOOT one last time, as they surely must be getting pretty darn tired of me by now. If I can only get 2 more glasses intact, then I will finally have the full set/product. If not, then I’m cutting my losses on this one.

Hey, any interest in selling the one you didn’t have to return?

So, I got mine last week (apparently it showed up while we were on vacation, despite our mail being on hold). One of the glasses still broke, but that leaves us with two dispensers and eight glasses. I’m happy.

Except one thing. I used mine for the first time today to make basil limeade. As opposed to the leaking in the post mentioned above, I don’t get a leak, but the flow of the spigot is pretty thin. And after dispensing a little of the limeade, it seems to have stopped completely. The recipe I used used lime zest in addition to the lime juice, which might have clogged the spigot, so I’m ok with trying to clean that up. However, I did test the spigot with plain water before making the limeade, and the stream was still pretty thin. Is there anything I can do to increase the flow without causing a leak?

And if someone’s had luck replacing the spigot with a better one, link and directions, please?