3" Gel Memory Foam Topper

I purchased this same topper back in Oct. My bed wasn’t bad at all to begin with but this made a huge difference! Price was the same then as now.

Was this one made in USA? It is the only one that doesn’t say here.

Sorry, this one got missed with the “Made in USA” tag. Confirmed, this one, too, is USA made. Thanks for alerting us of the issue!

I purchased a queen sized one of these last year for my bed that was losing a lot of it’s support and it made a world of difference. I ordered a king sized one recently for my new bed because my wife loved it so much. So glad woot had it up for sale again.

Would it also be possible to post the density of the foam? Some of them list 3.5 pounds.

Yes indeed! It is also 3.5 lbs and this has been added to the sale.

My RV Travel Trailer has odd sized bunk beds that are difficult to find replacement mattresses for. Is this raw foam that can be cut to size or is it covered with a fabric? I want to cut it to size.

There’s no cover on this topper.