3" Gel Memory Foam Topper

What brand or manufacturer is this?

Sometimes we are unable to give out the manufacturer. This is to protect their brand presence in the marketplace at this price.

However, if one was to click on the warranty…

Mine arrived today, only 3 days to ship it! I opened it and let it expand on my pool table and let it air out. It didn’t even smell that bad, unlike my old regular 3" memory foam topper when new.

It is 1/2 the weight of my old topper, sprang into shape in seconds, not hours like the old one. I haven’t slept on it yet, so I don’t know if it stays cool. My old one got very hot. But the old one was very dense and much more supportive. This one is very light and very soft. It doesn’t retain your handprint like my old standard memory foam one did. If I’m on my side, my hip hits the mattress below the topper and feels hard, so I’m not sure how this is going to work for me, or if it’s just gonna lose shape in weeks or months since it’s so airy and light.