3-in-1 Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad

Uhh. I thought Apple ( the Trillion Dollar company ) said this device couldn’t exist yet. LOL

This can’t all be powered through a micro USB input, right?! What does the ac power supply look like?

will it charge thru wallet cases?

Probably won’t work, though it depends on how thick/packed the wallet is. Also I’m guessing that induction charging might damage credit cards.

Just a warning that you get what you pay for in my experience with these types of things. I bought a similar one from Amazon that is a two in one (the watch charger flips up on the end). It is SUPER sensitive to where you place the devices (MUCH more so than the one I have directly from Apple). Once you realize that and figure it out, it is ok but just know it might be very touchy. This watch charger looks infinitely better than the one I have as it is flat, mine is vertical and has a tendency for the watch to lose contact simply due to gravity.

With that said, this is a great price for something like this. Even with those issues, as long as you are vigilant about making sure it is actually charging and staying charging if it is like mine I’d recommend for the price. If I had two phones that charged wirelessly I’d pick it up.

100% charged? That 80% battery icon is killing me inside.


LOL. Nice catch.

No AC charger listed… worrisome.

What is the brand name?

Regardless of how good the price is, I’d like to know if it is of reasonable quality.

Is this Apple MFi certified?

Wait a minute! If you look at the picture, it appears you need a cable for each station–what is the point? If I am going to use three cables plugged in why have a middle-man?

Not sure what to make of this paragraph:

It comes with power adapter, and just costs 3 hour and your watch can be fully charged, 3 hours for Samsung Galaxy phone, 3-4 hours for your iphone X / 8 plus /8, it will save your time to charge the devices.

Yeah, I’m staff, but I actually bought this last time (I assume its the one we listed last time?). It works really dang well and I am buying another. Obviously, wireless charging an iPhone is slow as all heck compared to plugging it in, but for an overnight charge of the watch and phone, it works amazingly. I just wish it had TWO watch slots like it has two phone slots.

They’re air holes. It has a single small round AC hole at the back. The plug is a pretty standard wall wart block.

Little pic for ya… super high visual designer quality from the cereal guy:


“Compatible: Apple Watch (all), iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone X / Xs / X Max, Samsung Note 8 / S8 Plus / S8 / S7 Edge and any Qi-enabled device.”

anyone else noticed that this does NOT charge iPhone XR’s?

Since no one has one yet, it would probably be optimistic to claim compatibility at this point.

no one has the X max either? but that’s mentioned!

Thank you very much. I stand corrected.