3 Outlet, 2 USB Surge Protector - 2 Pack

$17.40 each on Amazon

However, there are no trusted reviews according to Review Meta

I have one. Works great, but beware phone trays are a bit small and may not hold newer, bigger phones. They are also a bit thin and will not fit phones in rugged cases.

Is there anyway to get a picture of the back?

This Amazon review includes some.

Awesome, thanks for looking/checking. I was concerned about stability. Ideally I would have liked to see it connect to both outlets, but I guess this works. Having the option to “permanently” secure it to the outlet is great too.

I think I’ll pick up a few of these.

This is not a bad deal, pricewise. For surge protection, however, it’s pitiful.

For surge protection, anything less than 1000 J is considered inadequate. This one at the mothership has decent protection, albeit without the little holders for your phone. (When it comes to surge protection, the more Joules the better.)


You can get two of these for 25 bucks (and free Prime shipping) and get at least adequate protection. Sure, you give up the little phone holder thingies, but you get UL and ETL approval as well as CyberPower’s $75,000 connected equipment warranty. With this w00t deal you only get a money back guarantee (this item purchase price) from an unknown company if it toasts your equipment.

It should also be noted that all but four of the Amazon reviews are “IEF” reviews, and, IMO, are less credible.

There are outlet/USB adapters that offer even more protection for a bit more more, like this one:


It comes with a two year $100,000 connected equipment warranty. Though the description doesn’t say UL approved, an answer under the Q&A indicates that it is.