3-Pack Avalon Emergency Flashlights

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3-Pack Avalon Emergency Flashlights
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For an emergency light I prefer the Red cross blackout buddy they have had on Woot before.


They are the same price range but the Red Cross one is slimmer and takes up less room when it is plugged into the wall. Also it is easy to fit in either socket without covering the other socket. In any case these are useful to get you through the fist couple min in a black out at night when everything is pitch black. They provide enough light to find your storm supplies.

It would be nice to know the light output and the expected running time when fully charged.

I can’t give hard numbers; I only have my first-hand experience. They are bright. Almost too bright for nightlights. :slight_smile: And when we recently lost power due to a storm, these lights stayed on for the entire 7 hours we were without power. They are LEDs, so I expect they will last several hours more than that.
The flashlight mode works quite well, too. I can easily see my entire backyard at night, 65 ft (20 m) distance.

How long have you had them for? Every time I get some sort of emergency LED nightlight/flashlight, the built in batteries S.T.B. in a year or less. Nasty surprise when the power does go out.

Are there 3 chargers for the 3 flashlights. The pictures only show 1 charger which would give me something to do in my “Spare” time.

Thank you for responding. Very helpful information!

It comes with 3 separate charging bases.

What function(s) does the sensor button control? Does it enable/disable the nightlight motion detection?

As far as I can tell, the charging bases can’t be used on horizontally mounted outlets. This makes them useless to me. Fail.

Per the vendor: The On/Off button enables and disables the motion function and activates or deactivates the flashlight function.