3 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Does the “Tempered glass fit” note mean that this also fits the GS7 Edge?

A quick google showed that the S7 Edge is larger than the S7.

Do the S7 ones actually cover the entire screen? I’ve been unable to find one that doesn’t stop ~1/8" short on each edge because of the slight bevel.

Looking at the note in the features, probably not:

Given the curvature of the smartphone’s screen and glass’ inability to be flexible, the tempered glass screen protector must be made smaller as the tempered glass would not be able to adhere to the smartphone screen’s curved edges. Therefore, the tempered glass screen protector is intentionally made 2.8mm smaller on each side so that the tempered glass screen protector is able to sustain its adhesion to the smartphone screen thus providing protection.

i purchased a curved glass screen protector for my s7 edge. it did not stay attached well at all. my case, which is quite minimal, to expose the edge of the front, still loosened the screen protector. i plan on getting a film type protector soon.

I purchased the screen protector for the Galaxy s7 (regular, not edge) and I received one screen that came pre-shattered in the mail! The screens are either designed poorly only to partially cover the phone front (i.e. 80% of the screen) or worse, I was sent screens for the wrong device! I’ve double checked - yes, I did order for the correct phone… so what’s up, woot! ?

I plan on contacting support as soon as I get home and can check the packaging. About to rip the dang thing off as my otter box won’t work in addition to it because of the partial screen coverage.


Hey meganmegaphone, sorry for the problems. If you read above, we were talking about the note in the features that these can’t go to the edge due to the curve on the screen edge.

I was extremely disappointed in this purchase. On my first attempt, there was a small pinprick of a bubble which I attempted to remove by gently lifting a corner and reaplying, which made it even worse (my fault, since I inadvertently damaged the bottom coating). On the second screen, the tab that you pull to remove the protective mask came off, leaving the mask on the screen without a way to remove it. THIRD attempt left a bubble about 1" X 7/16". I tried using a credit card to squeegee it out. No luck. So much for “guaranteed bubble free”. I would strongly discourage purchasing this, and it’s unlikely I will be buying anything else from this site, as this was my first purchase.

I’m so sorry to hear about your dissapointing experience with this product. If you haven’t already, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.