3-Pack-Ultra Soft Sueded Semi-fitted Crew Neck T-Shirt

3-Pack-Ultra Soft Sueded Semi-fitted Crew Neck T-Shirt

These are far and away the most comfortable and best fitting tshirts I have ever purchased. Last year I bought 9 of them. They all still look and feel brand new. Highly recommend.


How are the crew neck for fitting … are they right on the neck or do they leave a little breathing room? My nephew doesn’t like to feel like his shirt is mildly choking him, so I’m debating between the crew neck and V neck. Not sure if he likes the V neck style.

I order the crew necks every time I see them pop up here – I’m 6 ft, 170 lbs and the medium fits phenomenally. it’s probably a semi-fitted silhouette, I don’t feel any tightness around the neck

Perfect, thanks for the info!

I’m 5’9" 180lbs “moderate” build. To me, the collar feels a little “relaxed”, which means it doesn’t feel like it is choking me at all.

I will add that I air-dry all my t-shirts to prevent even a little bit of shrinking, so my experience might be slightly different from the norm …


I have purchased these each time they come up. They are a perfect semi-fitted style, not too loose in the arms, not too tight in the torso. I also don’t like a tight crew neck and these are very comfortable. Super-soft cotton too. In for three more. Edited to add: I’m 6’2" 215 and the XL are perfect.

Agree with the previous statements about fit and comfort. Crew neck are especially well fitting and what I usually order. Have also tried the v-neck and while the fit is very good the neck goes a little lower than I like.

I’m 5’8" 260+ – the XXL fit great. While I am muscular, those muscles are hidden under substantial adipose. I bought some XL the first time, and they were tight – but not so tight that I can’t wear them. Usually, though, I reserve the XL for undershirts. The only problem I’ve had out of 30+ of these shirts is that on one of them, the stitching around the collar failed, causing the collar to come loose. Other than that, they’re super soft, stay soft after washing, reasonably priced (if you get them on woot), and made in the USA.

Just rcvd them, they are incredibly soft, but they sent the wrong size - already email Woot CS

Thanks everyone for your helpful comments/reviews. I went with the crew neck for my nephew, he loves them. They fit him perfect, he’s happy with the neck, and also with the softness and comfort. Thanks wooters!

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