3-Panel Landscapes: Art Art Art

Hey everyone, I’ll be here from the manufacturer to answer any questions. Ask away!

BROTHER! It’s been too long!

How do these look up close? From 2 feet away how sharp are the photos?

How many DPI are these printed at?
How many Pixels per inch are contained in the base photos once blown up to the larger size?

How much is the weight of one panel on both size?

Hi there, cmaldoon! To answer your questions:

  1. This is all professionally-photographed/painted art by individually-licensed artist. Each piece is VERY crisp-looking from 2 feet away.
  2. DPI varies from image to image, but since each panel is printed separately, we can print at between 100-200 DPI.
  3. Again, this number varies from image to image, but at the largest size (24 by 72), the base photos average about 100 pixels/ sq inch.

If you have any questions about a specific piece, feel free to ask!

Hey there skua,

On the smaller size, each panel weighs < 3 lbs.

On the larger size, each panel weighs 4 lbs.

Hope that helps!

Dudley? Is that you, brother? I thought you had been… Taken! (Que Liam Neeson on a cell phone).

Do you happen to have information on the locations of some of these pictures? I’m extremely curious about the Into The Wild and High Desert Dawn pieces.

Hey there Whiskey,

“High Desert” was photographed in Monument Valley, New Mexico.

“Into the Wild” was taken in Finland.

Any other questions, just ask!

Since the sale ended before I could purchase, can you tell me a brand or alternate site?