3-Piece Adjustable Wrench Set

This set is $24 at Walmart.com with $5 shipping.

So I thought the Woot Off was ending at 10:00 sharp, and this set came up within seconds of 10:00. Knowing I had free shipping 'til midnight (as I’ve been told all day), I quickly ordered it before it would have a chance to disappear and be replaced with tomorrow’s normal deal.

And then, on closer examination, I discovered that I was charged shipping and have unlocked free shipping again.

What gives? 10pm is not midnight.

I ran into this yesterday so wrote to them. They calculate by CENTRAL time! Wonder how many people have been suckered into this.

They can calculate off Zimbabwe time for all I care, but if they don’t put a time zone designator next to the time they show me, it means my local time.