3-Piece Art Sets

Anyone know if the given dimensions are of all 3 pieces or each?

Also curious about this. My guess is the dimensions are for each but I’d like to be sure.

I wish I was well off enough to invest in art. I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff.

can’t buy till I get confirmation on the dimensions :frowning:

Amazon’s listing for it makes me think that is the TOTAL dimensions.


for example.

Hey guys,

I’m from the company that produces these awesome sets, and I’ll be around to answer most questions. The dimensions refer to the size of the entire set- so the 36x54 option refers to the overall size, not each individual panel. Each panel in the 36x54 is itself 36x18, adding up to the listed dimensions when put together.

Hope I’ve been helpful!

Then that photo seems odd. The pieces in the shown triptych seem more square than a 2:1 rectangle.

Would have been a great deal if the dimensions were each piece…


These canvas wrapped panels show part of the print being visible wrapped around the sides of the frames.

Do The panels compensate for the estimated 2" lost to being wrapped around the edge of the frame or is there no compensation, requiring a specific spacing to look normal?

I ask because it might be necessary to add approx 4" to the width when determining if this will be the right size for one’s wall.

Hi 318197,

The panel dimensions do account for the border. The 36x54 dimensions, for example, measures the actual face of the panels. The panels are also about 1.5 inches deep. The only extra spacing you’d need to keep in mind is how far apart you would want the panels from each other. Does that help out? Let me know if you’d like any further clarification!

Are you serious? 3ft x 4.5ft is too small for you.

Bigger is better.

Buying this art would not be investing in art. You’d only be buying art. This is not the kind of art that can be considered an investment.

Very curious about quality of these pieces. I have always wanted Starry Night and love the splits.

Also, for the part that runs over the side and is painted, does that mean that the pieces if put right next to each other would not line up?

A good question. We spend a great deal of time and effort in our unique image creation and production process to make sure the panels line up. Each panel is hand-stretched to make for the perfect fit. I can’t guarantee that each line will match up to the millimeter, but I can say that our customers have definitely come away impressed in the past.

Okay so since the pictures wrap around 1.5" around the picture to the back, where it’s probably stapled/glued. Is it safe to estimate that we should add 6" to the total width when determining the correct dimensions withe sppropriate spacing?

I would recommend 2 inches of separation between panels.

I am very intrested in the Japanese tree painting, but I found about a dozen reviews on Amazon and they were all poor. The majority of the comments said the painting quality was very bad compared to the photo provided online. Is there are a reason for this? How are these actually produced?

Similar to the question above, are there some higher resolution photos and/or photos from other angles that we can see? Assessing the quality of the piece is difficult with the information provided. Thanks

I was interested in these at first, but after reading the Amazon reviews, I will definitely not be purchasing any. I also love how they say that the “list price” on Amazon for some of these $900 or $1000. Yeah, right!