3 Piece Hardside Luggage Set (4 Colors)

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3 Piece Hardside Luggage Set (4 Colors)
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Jun 07 to Friday, Jun 10) + transit
Condition: New


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4/14/2016 - $199.99 - Click To See Discussion (11 comments)

Does anyone have any fun trips coming up?

keep in mind the large size here is oversize and you will (likely) have to pay oversize charge

The small size is larger than new carry on from almost all carriers

and the orange color is $140 at amazon currently

no mention of the material it is made out of, just some made up name. looks like they are selling cheap stuff at a premium price. Hit your local tj maxx/marshalls and get a better deal with a better return policy

I bought the orange set back in April for a Disney cruise. The only issue I have with them is they scuff real easy and the plastic wrap that is on them when they get delivered is a pain in the butt to take off, especially around handles and corners. Overall we were pleased. Don’t do too much air travel so can’t say anything about being to big etc.

Why do they make these odd-ball size luggage?
22": 22" x 14.7" x 9.7" (46.4")
26": 26" x 17.5" x 11" (54.5")
30": 30.5" x 19.5" x 12.7" (62.7")
(do these dimensions include the wheels?)

United Airlines requirements:
Checked bag < 62"
Carry-on < 22" x 14" x 9"

Made up name? It’s made of some plastic composite.

Will they store inside each other?

Going to Italy for 3 weeks next month.

Considering these, but I need at least 2 big ones and I cant afford any of them thanks to this trip. :slight_smile:

I see $218. Link?

Same exact place - they changed it since I posted

No dimensions do not include wheels
So - the so close you aren’t likely to get charged for oversize becomes not close at all and most assuredly will be on flights.

Boats… car trips… sure these are great. Planes - not soo much.

Hey guys- Here are a couple answers from the vendor:
*Regarding the first question the material is a Polycarbonate/ABS blend, which is the standard composition for Hardside luggage.

Regarding the second question the small, medium and large will nest but, obviously, the carry ons will not nest within each other.*

You have a painting of Trump but no painting of Hilldog or Bernie?

They do.

I traveled Memorial Day weekend w/ the largest of these bags w/ no problem at all. We checked the largest bag w/ no extra fees & used the smallest as carry-on. No problems across the board.

I flew Memorial Day weekend with the largest of these bags w/ no extra fees at all.