3-Piece Lamp Set with Bulbs

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3-Piece Lamp Set with Bulbs
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That photo looks exactly like the photo I remember seeing on the box from one of the Mainstays (i.e. Walmart brand) 3-lamp sets that Walmart sells. In fact I bought just the pole lamp from that set on a visit a couple months ago and it looks exactly like the lamp in the photo.

Walmart’s website lists the Mainstays lamp set as $29.97 with no bulbs and $54.97 with bulbs, but I almost positive that the no-bulb version was only like $14-15 in store (this wouldn’t be the first Mainstays product I’ve seen that is listed with a much higher price on the website than in-store) and the pole lamp alone was just under $8.

Mainstays 3-lamp set (no bulbs)
Mainstays 3-lamp set (with CFLs)

Undimmable CFLs make me sad. I want lower energy bills, while pretending to protect the environment (so my crunchy friends will not reject me), but I also like being able to adjust the ambiance when the mood strikes, damnit!


I have the Mainstay set, and it (not sure about these), use a plastic shade, not glass. Not that you can tell by glancing at it, but if you are expecting glass shades from this set, I would inquire within.

Woot staff? Glass or Plastic?

Not Woot staff,but read product description - plastic shades.

I like it when wooters answer questions. :happy:

The table lamps look like boobs.

I thought the same thing, actually bought the mainstay set a few months ago for $15. The mainstays are quite cheaply made, but exactly what I expected for a $15 3-lamp set.

This wooter speaks truth.