3-Piece Reversible Quilt Set

3-Piece Reversible Quilt Set

Does it come with same 20" by 26" pillow cover even for the King size quilt set? I thought King size sets come with king size pillow covers which are 20" by 36"!
Can someone please confirm before I hit the “Place Order” button?
Thank you!

Hi there. I’m asking for information on that.

Thanks TT!

Vendor says the sham size is 20"X 26"+2"flange. Guess no King size.

Thanks for confirming

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Do you have a better photo of the navy set? The image quality is not high enough to show what the pattern looks like. Also, is the design printed or embroidered onto the pieces? (An enhanced image might answer the latter question.)

Followup question: Is the pattern on the navy set the same as the pattern on the gold set?

It looks to be the same pattern as the gold. It is embroidered.

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abhiabhi - I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share this (I guess we’ll find out!), but you can purchase this item in the king size with king size shams for just a few dollars more on Amazon…