3-PK Etón Blackout Buddy Emergency Flashlight

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3-PK Eton Blackout Buddy Emergency Flashlight
Price: $34.99
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Do I want these? Someone talk me out of buying them.

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As flashlights, these are bottom of the barrel. It’s nice that they turn on automatically when the power goes out, but for $40 you could buy a couple halfway decent lights, or enough standard flashlights of comparable quality to keep one or two on every flat surface in your house.

First: These are a bad deal. Amazon has a per-unit cost of $9.28, shipped and sold by Jeff “Prime” Bezos. Woot wants $11.66 each.


Second: These aren’t really flashlights. They’re nightlights that become emergency blackout lighting. I’ve got 5 of them around the house in hallways, bathrooms, etc. and they work great.

So I like these a lot, but Woot is charging $2/each more than their own corporate overlords.

The price here is awful. You can get them on Amazon for about $10 each or less with prime shipping. Right now they are $18.55 for a pair with prime shipping.

As far as the product, I think they are great if you are looking for an emergency lighting solution to provide light during a power outage. They turn on automatically when power goes out. They are fairly flat. So they do not stick out from the wall when installed. The plug is towards the top. So it does leave the other socket in the outlet clear.

I use these specifically for power outages. When power goes out in the middle of the night, many areas of a home will be pitch black. A few of these strategically placed will allow you to move around the house safely. They do have a night light feature (turns on when the room gets dark) but I would not use them in a room where people are sleeping. They use a cool white LED which has a blue tint to it. This is pretty much the worst color for a night light as it is harsh and can throw off your sleep pattern. They would be OK for a night light in an area like the kitchen, etc…

Agree. I have two of these. Nice as a night light. Flash light, well, they are just ok when being used to find your better flashlights. I don’t think they are designed to be a primary flashlight but then again, My 4 D mag light wasn’t designed to hang off an electrical outlet either. Well, it can but the wife might not want what amounts to an aluminum bat stuck on the side of the wall. Since I already have two, I’ll pass but just giving my 2 cents.

I have a couple of these also. Besides coming on in power outages, they also come on automatically when the room is darkened to act as a night light.

But, I agree with the post above that says that the night light may be too bright for bedrooms. It’s good for bathrooms or hallways.

Some comments on Amazon talk about overheating, but I haven’t seen that.