3 -Step Heavy Duty Ladder

JUNK. Took two weeks to ship and when they finally got around to it after I pestered them, it arrived more than a week later severely damaged. That must have something to do with the fact that it was shipped in a “box” consisting of two halves of cardboard taped together.

Not totally junk, but had the same experience: took 3 weeks to get it and I had to pester them; shipped in 2 pieces of cardboard taped together. Took a bit of time figuring out how to collapse the steps. Not wonderful but usable. Would I recommend it…probably not.

Got one and very satisfied. Very sturdy. Will now get a 4-step for my garage

I got the four step version. Yes, packaging was terrible, but my biggest complaint is how unstable this thing is.
You have to make sure the feet are evenly spaced, when unfolded, otherwise it will shift while you’re on it.
Very flimsy.