3-Watt Cree LED Aluminum Flashlight


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    3W Cree LED Aluminum Flashlight for $10 + free shipping
    Buy.com offers the 3-watt Cree LED Aluminum Flashlight for $9.99. With free shipping, that’s $18 under the lowest total price we could find for comparable flashlight. (We saw a 2-pack for $5 more…

You’re selling this just because of the filter on the word Flash aren’t you?

Picked 2 of these up about a month ago for more than this. These are really nice lights for the price. In for 3.

lol. how many men have aluminum flash lights?

tee hee

Focusable ?

Purchased two of these last time they were on. Very good lights. Brighter than my mag light, and holds up to falls quite well.

These are awesome lights, very bright.

Take the lenses cap off, and they work very much like a spot light, great for shadow puppets.

I have 2 of these from the two for Tuesday deal a while back. Very nice lights…light is focused beam instead of flood type pattern, but it is so bright and built very sturdy. Reminds me of a mag light. Have these in 2 of our 3 cars. In for one!!

They are not focusable–I bought a few months ago. Would not buy again as not being able to focus from spot to wide really is a drawback


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Woot is right. I have enough tactical flashlights.

What I need are a few good strategical flashlights.

Let’s shine a little light on the situation.

Wait, this thing doesn’t have the latest Android and doesn’t even have MP3 player? FAIL.

Flashlights are real nice when you need to see in the dark. FYI

No focus, but still a great light. Got a pair of these last month and they will cast a tight beam quite a distance. In for 3 more for other Scout leaders in my son’s troop who wanted to keep mine when I showed it to them.

2 D batteries! This thing is huge. Might be what you’re looking for, but not me.

It would be cool if they stopped putting these crappy flashlights up. I mean I see them for sale all the time on here. Pretty sure the Dollar Store sells D battery flashlights for less.

Another bright idea from Woot!