3-Watt Cree LED Aluminum Flashlight

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3-Watt Cree LED Aluminum Flashlight
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Let there be light! Flashlight.

In for 3!

this will light up dark places

Re-run, this time only one flashlight. Last time: 2-Pack 3-Watt Cree LED Aluminum Flashlights for $15 = $20 shipped.

For those interested, the smaller, more ‘focused’ sister of this big flashlight, can be found just a mere click away from here. I’ve got both and due to the recent tornados here in Tampa, I’ve found great use out of them! The Cree series never seems to fail for the price.

I bought 2 of these last time. They work good for their price. They are not low quality, but are not the best. Have had no problems with the button yet and they throw a nice beam using 2 D batteries.

Worth the price if you buy more than 1 to combat shipping. I am tempted to purchase more, but don’t really need more.

I personally cannot get enough flash lights, in for three.

Tactical 6 x 3 watt Cree LED 1500 Lumen flashlight

LED flashlights rock. Super bright and long lasting. It makes more sence to get a windup one though.

In for three! Or as they say in California, tres…

Really? D-Cells?
I know D-Cells last a long time, but it’ll cost near $5.00 just for the batteries.

This is a great light. I now have eight. One in every car, and placed through out the house. The larger batteries last for hours, the beam is a non-adjustable spot that illuminates to at least 100 yards, with a good secondary wash. This light is big, but feels good in the hand. I have several expensive tactical lights that are rated at 250+ lumens, and this holds up well against them. I’m in for three more.

I just wait for the sun to come up.

There was a previous woot: 3-Watt Cree LED Aluminum Flashlight - 2 Pack for $14.99 + $5 Shipping. This is a better deal; you can get 3 for $14.97 + $5 shipping. It’s like getting a flashlight for FREE!

How well does this thing hold up to stress conditions?

For example if I were to take one with me camping, hiking, and amateur spelunking (which I would), if I dropped it, would it crack like an egg or be good for the wear and tare?

Checked out Amazon.com for comparable flashlight prices. This price with shipping is 1/2 of the Amazon.com price. Naturally, I picked up two so that I may illuminate the world.

Even buzzed, I can’t get a jones on for this particular Woot deal. Not sure why.

You can find much better bargains on D cells if you know where to shop. Try discount outlets that buy overstock like Ollies or Christmas tree shops. I get Kodak 2 pack D batteries for about $1.70 and they are as good as Rayovacs.

Plus D cells have a lot of maH to them!