3-Watt Cree LED Aluminum Flashlight

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3-Watt Cree LED Aluminum Flashlight
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I got one of these in my Random Crap a couple months ago. It’s a great light! Nice and bright, good weight to it. Recommended!

Got a couple to patrol our neighborhood at night last time around. They are very bright for the price.

Got three last woof-off.
Got three this time.
Great light ya’ll. Get some. You won’t be disapointed. Garanteed!

These are great. I got two of them a few months ago. Very sturdy and great quality. Awesome finish as well.

Picked three of these up last time, they are awesome.

For those buying this it’s lights on, for me its lights out.

Goodnight and happy wooting.

But are they better than a Mag-lite?

Wow, what’s with it just jumping to the next item before the bar running out and having some down time of saying “sold out!”? This is the second one in a row now.

I use this when walking my greyhounds. Great light.

I’d be in for 3 if I didn’t already have 6 of them.

The Cree Q3 emitters throw out quite a bit of light and with 2 D batteries, they have awesome run time.

or mebbe a flashlight?

Everybody’s got a little room on credit cards
on credit cards

:’( I only have a debit card.

Now I won’t be able to get that flashlight song out of my head for the rest of the night.
Thanks woot!

love the p-funk reference, cant say the same about the woot off. it looks likea great buy, but it just isnt sexy.

Between the last 2 offerings of these, I have purchased 5, and love 'em… Solidly built and bright as anything!

Beam is not adjustable, but really throws off alot of light.

Folks have complained about the D cells, but they last forever, and really help when it comes to making this light into a blunt object with which to beat stray cats that wander into your vegetable garden and crap in your tomato plants…

Just a generalization, of course…

Bought three the last time they were up,very nice,well worth the money.