30" Copper Hammered Undermount Kitchen Sink

Is the sink flat or does it slope down to the drain in the center?

Per the vendor:
The bottom is flat. There is a curve where sides meet the edges but the bottom is flat.

Hope that helps!

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I own a different but very similar copper sink. Just a heads-up to those considering…Copper does & will form a patina. It also has minor natural (to some degree) anti-bacterial properties to it. The Patina quickly dulls the glow to a pale copper/green-ish color. If the patina comes in contact with anything highly acidic(lemon juice, vinegar etc), that spot will be cleared of the patina which leaves it unsightly & glowing bright copper in hue. What you then must do is remove all of the patina to correct this & revert the finish back to bright copper. At this time the patina process will start all over again & in a few days dull back. To me, it’s still worth it, I’ve owned mine for several years now & having to polish it every other month is not an issue other than being a bit messy.