30% Off Woot! Shirt orders: April 6- April 8, 2021

Yes and no.

You could, if you want to.
You could not place an order, if you want to.
You could look for somebody to help you, if you want to.

Well, I see this playing out in several ways.

But let’s face it. I really don’t want to talk to the condescending ones who shall not be named.

But my mom wants these two t-shirts and they’re the $19 ones.

There are 3 other people who you could speak to, though one of them will most likely speak to you with disdain.

Oh. We’re not going to involve the BBB over a few lies and coupon fraud.

Have you already placed an order? I assumed you had.

PS: I just tried it and it worked.

I placed one earlier this week. But the rules at the top say you can place as many orders as you want with that code.

Yeah, that was an error. :sob:

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mumble mumble FRAUD. mumble mumble RIDICULOUS. mumble mumble NO SHOE! mumble mumble OLD WOOT.



Rawr ditto.

I don’t have enough umph in me to give TT heck today.

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Streaming Riot Games GIF by Honda



Yea… it fails with firefox but works with chrome.

That would be embarrassing if Amazon was a tech company or something. =P

Discount code would not work for me in app
But was able to use in safari

Got my CatShirtsWoot ordered!

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