30 Piece Emergency Roadside Kit

30 Piece Emergency Roadside Kit

condition: New

$7.99 + $5 shipping

pricing for future reference

word on the street is that this is garbage, with too thin of the wires to do anything. offered on woot at least 3 times in the past

bought in a woot off…don’t buy. very very small kit (physical size). click the image to see the whole kit compared to the included gloves.

bought a couple of these a few months ago, solid set minus the shakey screwdrivers

Shenanigans! I only counted 20 pieces.

Emergency kits are just something you shouldn’t cheap out on. Spend the money for quality, your life may depend on it. Look for a good deal of course, but a good deal on quality equipment. This ain’t that.

thin gauge. Cheaper in the long run to call 1800 aaa help. Like 37 bucks a year.

Well I did sign up after the first time attempting to use this kit.

Better safe than sorry. You never know when you might need something to prop up your antenna tv when you’re out camping. Oh wait. Antenna TVs will be worthless soon. What a horrible product to woot at this time in America’s history.

The “driver tool” shattered the first time I tried using it to remove loosen some bolts in the engine compartment. Save your money.

How did someone come up with 30 pieces? Even counting the tie that goes around the jumper cables, counting each glove as 1 piece, and counting the case as a piece, I still dont see 30 pieces.

I have not wooted this before but have seen it on here numerous times. The same comments keep popping up telling people to stay away. I guess there is a reason why this thing seems to come back all the time.

Total crap… My car needed a jump, and these cables were to small to carry enough current… Don’t trust your life on this set!!!

i got this for the same price a while back. thought it’d be a cheap solution in a pinch. the jumper cables can barely jump start my lawn tractor. they wouldnt even attempt to roll over a 2006 suburban. the rest of the kit is just as bad. the pliers fell apart in the case just from rolling around in my trunk.

Got this in one of the woot-offs and it isn’t very good. Tools are poor quality. Jumper cables are short. And the plastic case will probably melt from the desert sun.

There really are 31 pieces if you count the gloves as 2 pieces and the case as 1 piece - here, I’ll do the math for you…running count after each line

  • Insulated Jumper Cables (1)
    • Flat Head Screwdriver (2)
    • Phillips Head Screwdriver (3)
    • Tire Pressure Guage (4)
    • 10-Piece Nut Driver Set (14)
    • Slip Joint Pliers (15)
    • Cloth Work Gloves (17)
    • Electrical Tape (18)
    • 12 Assorted Electrical Terminals and Fuses (30)
    • Hardshell Carrying Case (31)

Now that that’s settled, I have to say that this kit is complete garbage and not even worth the price of shipping, let alone the $7.99

Post Connectors & Fuses are not in the picture…but I suppose they count those too.

Leave these skinny jumpers connected for ten minutes with car #2 running and wait {I know you yuppies need instant gratifaction} ,sit down and read a magazine, and like magic, car #1 will start right up.

DON’T BUY THIS!!! This crap left me with a false sense of security and ended up leaving me stranded in a parking lot. They don’t work at all!

Did you count the fuses? they dont show them but they are listed