30-Piece Twin XL Bed and Bath Set

Can you say previous woot?

Hmm, I leave for college in 9 days, do you think it would make it in time?

Wow, you start school really late…

If you choose 1- or 2-day shipping, yes. If you choose Standard shipping, it’s a coin toss.

Wouldn’t an XL twin Bed and Bath Set just be a Full or Queen size?

No. XL Twin is longer than a regular twin. Full/Queen is wider than a twin.

Didn’t Arnold Schwaartzenthingy play a Twin XL? I didn’t see the movie, but some kids told me how funny it wasn’t.

This deal is an ingenious idea for a dorm set. You woot workers sure find some great deals. My teeny, tiny problem is that I haven’t lived in a dorm since the seventies. And it wasn’t a dorm it was USMC barracks sharing a room that looked much like a dorm room. My roomie and I couldn’t leave it all beigey and taupe so we decorated in the two-chicks-chillin-in-the-jungle motif. When we tired of that scene we went hip-beach-shack theme. The aqua and kiwi would have been the perfect touch! We always felt something was missing. We were two of only 30 women marines living with 600 male marines in one building. I think nearly all of those boys wanted to be decorators since they were constantly stopping by hoping we’d let them in to see our room. (Sorry I got carried away. There must be a different forum for me to tell those stories. )

Maybe the fairy-godwoots can find a similar deal for grown up beds, in the aqua and kiwi combo, please. I’m ready to go retro with the hip beach shack look here in my own home. No plastic crabs this time.

Maybe an extremely long bed skirt?

I cant tell if your being sarcastic with the last request or not…

Try having it shipped to your dorm address. My youngest wants to go to college on the East Coast next year (too far to drive from the Midwest), and we will definitely be looking for dorm furnishings which can be delivered to the dorm by someone other than Mom & Dad.

Wish I had seen the original post. Kid has been in College for a month now. Even at 200 count not a bad deal.

Hey, hey, hey, good news Friday - we’ve got a price drop to sweeten the deal! :slight_smile: Those who have already ordered should see a price adjustment (contact service@woot.com with any questions about it) and the rest of you also get to enjoy delicious savings!

I am seeing polyester in the specs for comforter and other stuff which I assume includes the shell, polyester gives me hives, and maybe you too.

Polyester Allergies and Rashes

Take it from someone who brought WAY TOO MUCH STUFF to college: that is a lot of items for a dorm dweller to keep track of. You think you’re gonna have storage space for a spare set of sheets and towels? Maybe they could be used as wall art.

Bought this when it was up in mid-August for the kid heading off to school. It’s NOT worth it if you like good quality sheets/towels, etc. Don’t get for the future, you’ll find better quality @ BBB/Target.

Is there a picture of ALL the items to view?