30-Piece Twin XL Bed and Bath Set



I got the navy/gray set in a previous woot off. The sheets are okay (I usually sleep with clothes on so thread count doesn’t matter too much to me). The towels seem to be pretty low quality, so don’t expect too much from that. The comforter is quite warm, though.

Edit: I also paid $20 more for it, so at this price it’s a pretty good deal just considering the bedding.


Is a twin XL the same as a California twin?


A Twin XL mattress is 39" x 80". You can measure yours to compare. I’ve never heard them referred to as California Twin.


Polyester bedding causes rashes.


I have a daughter who will be starting college next August, so I’m really tempted by this, esp. at this price. The closest comparable package deal at Residence Hall Linens is $159:
Dormco’s closest comparable package deal is $175.09:

Those are the lowest price points at which you can get a package deal which includes both a “bedside buddy” and a hamper/laundry bag. (Each of those deals includes a couple of things this Woot! doesn’t - but also omits things this Woot! includes.)
I was going to wait until at least the late spring/early summer before my daughter starts college to shop for dorm bedding - but I certainly wouldn’t be able to match these prices if I waited until then!


This may be hard to beat for cheap but we did some careful shopping for our son’s trip off to school and got much better quality at a reasonable price. You’ve got time, keep looking and your daughter will be happier with what you find (especially if it is 100% cotton and better than a sandpapery 200 count).


Any waterbed super single items? Mattress size 48" wide and 84" long. Looking for a great deal for this mattress size.


Looking at all the comments and the design of this set, had it been available for a super single mattress (48" wide and 84" long) I would buy. Whoa is me :frowning: !!


I disagree. I just finished school a few months ago and I would advise buying something like this every year rather than searching for something that will last. All of this stuff will get abused as she will eat, sleep, study and live in a tiny room where the only space that’s really hers is the bed. Between that and the moving in and out every year this stuff will need replacing more than once. I’m not saying this is the best set to get you may be able to find something better, just be aware that this will not be the only set you’ll buy. Hope it helps.


Someone bought 10 sets??? You can wash these and reuse them, right? Or is the fact they are made in China supposed to be a clue that they may not be too durable?


I agree 100%. All of my college stuff was severly abused, so if I was still in college or had a child going to college soon I would jump on this deal.