30 Pins to Freedom

Accessories for those not getting the latest and greatest iPhone! Reviews on these, anyone?

I just received my Sony dock. Ooh my gawd, the bass is ridiculous LOL. The clarity coming out of the speakers is also amazing! Trebles come out crisp, played songs ranging from pure instramental/classical to grunge heavy metal. For the price it’s an awesome deal. Now I’m just paranoid of my neighbors haha. I atleast can hear the bass from my master bedroom to the bathroom OVER the shower head while i’m in it. That should give you some idea on the bass and i’ve done equalizer adjustments to reduce the bass only out of sheer paranoia :P. I’d have to say if I was in my old house, would have been a non-issue. Did I mention the bass is strong? :smiley:

FYI I have mine sitting on a nightstand in the corner of my room, not sure if that makes the bass kick more off the walls or not, but the Sony was a great buy for me.

how come this isn’t called 30 pin to extermination? or something more clever?

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What model Sony dock? There’s two of them.

I’d guess the RDPX500IP model which was on sale for the same price last week. :slight_smile:

Mine was for a Christmas present so I can’t vouch for its performance.

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Does this speaker, not the remote, have a large lithium ion battery, such that I can unplug it from AC and use it, or does it have to be plugged in to AC all the time?

Which item are you referring to?

I think all these have the battery in the remote and require AC but I can look further if you can tell me which item.

Shouldn’t the packaging use a greater than sign as opposed to the not equal to sign it has now? This says one remote is not equal to three. They could have said our one remote is greater than three remotes.

Just saying.

I recently received my iHome Portable Stereo Rechargeable Alarm Clock FM Radio for 30-pin iPhone/iPod iP45 and so far I’m kinda disappointed…
1st.it said compatible with an iPhone 4, even on there website manual it says it.BUT ITS NOT!! it came with 3 docs all of witch did not fit it… The closest one I’m guessing MIGHT of been it, but it couldn’t connect properly, you had to hold it down at a certain angle… so to use it, I have to use it with no doc, witch I’m pretty sure I read somewhere on that manual its not recommended due to breaking the insert or damaging your phone/iPod.
2nd thing. at first the sound was awesome for the size! I turned it up to 40(its max) just once to hear I was like nice… very loud, no reason to really ever have it that loud though… but just yesterday I was listening to it,(volume around 32) and I started hearing this weird sound coming from the speakers, it only was bad on songs with a lot of bass, I had to turn it down to 26 to not hear that sound or take the chance to damage the speakers even further if that’s what the noise I’m hearing is.
3rd thing is minor but my phone didn’t sync to it, I had to set the time manually.BUT I could still use the remote to change songs on Pandora WITCH IS AWESOME

so that’s my 2 cents. I have tried emailing them, and calling about the doc, and also tried calling tech support about the sound.I couldn’t really get through to tech support. but with the doc problem they just told me I have to buy a doc for it…Great right?? not very customer service if you ask me.

We’re sorry you’ve experienced such frustration! You may wish as your next step to contact us, well, service@woot.com for some help.

Thank you for the update, though.

FYI: Sony RDPX500IP compatibility chart

Inputs and Outputs

Audio In : Audio In jack (3.5 mm stereo minijack)
Digital Audio Input(s) : Works with:
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iiPhone 4S
iPod® classic
iPod nano® 2nd, 3rd (video), 4th (video), 5th (video camera), and 6th generation
iPod touch® 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation
iPad 1st and 2nd generation.
Input(s) : iPod 30-pin Interface

I am referring to the Sony RDPX500IP Premium Speaker Dock.
Does it have a lithium battety in it (not in the remote control), such as the Altec Lansing speaakers I have purchased on Woot, and similar to the excellent Bose speaker for iPods?

It kind of bothers me that 67% of the people who bought the JBL speakers bought 3. To me, this screams that people are taking advantage of WooT to resell products. Why not let the others who will use the product get the deal and allow WooT to be used for what it is normally inteded for; to provide a single great product, daily, to a wider base at a very affoordable cost.

That one has no battery in the unit itself. It requires the AC adapter to work.

Not a sublime listener i take it…

Just received both of my Onkyo iOnly docks. Quick summary, great solid build quality. Sound is great for a dock with bass enhance off. I find the bass enhance feature should be used more for low volumes to fill in the low notes only. While cranking it up louder it sounds the best without the bass feature and still has decent punch, adding the bass does make it sound a bit muddy. Bought these for my young kids, I wanted quality audio to hook up old Gen2 Ipod Touch so they could have sleeptime music and sound effects. A tad bit overkill sure , talk about the sweet alarm clock radio. I like that I can hit the power button on the dock and it picks up where the music left off. Both Ipods with their DLC cases fit on the dock no issue, my Gen1 Ipad with OEM sleeve fit as well.

For the $87ea shipped price I liked them so much I now ordered a 3rd for our bedroom even though we have Galaxy S2 phones which we will use with AUX input.

For those that want clean sound at low to med/high levels this dock sure does sound great for the price and looks great in build quality. Filled our open floor plan home with very clean sound. Worth it for me to buy a third.