30-Setting Dual Combo Shower

**Item: **30-Setting Dual Combo Shower
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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This thing is awesome, looks exactly like the pictures and with all the different modes on both shower heads, you can dial it in perfectly. Totally worth the money!

The “30 settings” is ridiculous hype, but these are great shower heads. I used to jury rig my shower to provide optimum fluid dynamics, but with this, it’s simple, cheap, and doesn’t look like a science experiment in the bathroom. :wink:

Read a lot of the previous comments. Most people said that it is great! However they did say it started to malfunction after a while, and some people cited a dislike for the plastic components.

Just to be clear, does it spray from both heads simultaneously?

I fully back this shower head, has my total seal of bathing bliss!

Yes, you can run the two shower heads at once! Or just one of them at a time! Having them both in “mist” mode is just amazing - it’s a total sensory overload. I feel so refreshed when I get out of the shower.
Yes, it also has a pause mode while you are sudsing. This is the main reason I bought it. Though it will still drip some while in purgatory. But do you really want cold water when you ramp it back on? I think not.

If you are looking for a good shower head, you can’t beat it. I <3 it!

There’s a dial on the left side to either allow water shoot from each head separately, or together.

Assuming this is a Total Spa? I like mine, though the water pressure of the dual head isn’t as good as the single head

+1. Worked great at first. Then the adjustment dial on the main shower head broke after a few weeks. Switched to the handheld head exclusively, which worked well for a time, until its dial also broke. If you set this up and don’t adjust it much you’ll probably be very happy. If you try to take advantage of the numerous spray settings you might experience problems down the road.

I’m sorry for the problems. Did you contact the company? These have a limited lifetime warranty and wooters have reported very good experiences with their customer support.

Bought it last time it was up. I would not buy again. It’s all plastic, and feels very cheap. I found all the components at the local hardest store to do this cheaper, and better in most cases. Mainly they were metal.

Mine broke after about a month of using it, I can no longer switch between the handle and the fixed head. but the settings are really nice.

We bought four of these shower heads over several Woots for our homes. Haven’t figured out where the 30 plus setting are, but don’t really care to. They work fine on the couple of settings I do like. Regarding the fact they are plastic…why would you want to hold a shower head with the heft of a stilson wrench? Also, what do you think wouldl happen to your ceramic tile when you inadvertently let one loose as we did. Think of a snake on steroids. Well, since they are plastic nothing happened, except for a small scuff mark on the chromed plastic. The mist setting causes the water to almost feel chilly no matter how hot the water. Must have something to do with evaporation/vaporation.

I bought this the last time it was on woot. I LOVE IT! I don’t believe that there are 30 settings though (maybe if you count all the settings for the handle and head separately and then add the settings when both are used together). There are basically two settingsIt is made of plastic but for $25 you can’t beat it. If you really want chrome fixtures then you’ll have to pay hundreds of dollars to get them.

Is the handle removable?

I’ve requested, no begged, for the buyer to make these shower accessories available to us in brass finish on several occasions for months…even here on this forum. My requests have fallen on deaf ears. So today I’m going to Beds Bath and Beyond where I will buy my brass accessories there. You blew it, Woot!

I bought one of these too, in November on Woot. If not this exact model then pretty similar. My “head selecter switch” broke as well. Worse than just getting stuck on one or the other, it was stuck between! So no water was coming out, I tried to fix it but now I get such a lack luster flow. I want one again because it worked amazingly well, but am hesitant because the plastic switch gave out. :[

When using both heads how is the water pressure? I live in an older house and I would assume that using both heads would cause the water pressure to be little more than a drizzle.

Is one a fixed shower head, the other a removable handle? very hard to tell with only a single picture showing both that appear to be fixed (although one has the long hose…