Could you explain something to me. How does one buy 300,000 screwdrivers that you can sell for a pittance? Do you buy unopened cargo containers at auctions with the hope they are filled with Roombas or Zunes? Does someone offer you other items at a great price if you take the screwdrivers off his hands?

Good grief, no wonder they never sold out!

The way I understand it:
Woot! has a fleet of Pirate ships…
Each ship is staffed with an elite team of Ninjas. These Ninja-Pirate ships patrol the 7 seas in search of wayward cargo ships that they may board and loot.
Unfortunately, the majority of ships they’ve looted recently, originated from Microsoft and are filled to the masts with ZUNES.

But seriously… my guess is that they’d partner with retailers and “help” them rid themselves of excessive stock. (at least that’s what I(d) do) Low overhead and all that. But the items do come in a woot! box? That doesn’t mean they originated from Dallas, TX however. (especially since i live down the road from them and it still takes forever to get my woots!.)

This is a true statement, except zombie’s are involved somewhere

and cats…nuns too. i’m sure of both!

l**ol cats! I can’t believe I forgot about them! nuns and penguins as well, just see r.a.t. thread

that would make a great chop contest theme. Where does woot get all of this crap?

i like the elite group of pirate ninjas idea.

I think they buy BOC’s from other websites…

All this talk of zombies, cats, nuns, and penguins is making me a bit randy…

Can I have the left over screwdrivers please? They would be helpful for something I’m planning.

300,000 screwdrivers? Those would come in handy if you’re playing the EBW Drinking game.