300TC 6-Piece Sheet Set

Count me in on the “suckers” group. This is for anyone following this sucker…

I purchased TWO sets of this junk they’re calling 300
TC cotton sheets! Who writes these descriptions?!? “wrinkle-resistant”?!? Obviouisly hasn’t seen a laundered sheet!

These sheets are a step above muslin. Full of threads at every seam. Soft to the touch out of the packge, but as soon as they’re laundered they harden up and FULL of wrinkles. If you still iron your sheets, this is the set for you. Oh…and the measurements are waaaay off. My flat queen sheet won’t even tuck in and the fitted sheet barely (with muscle)goes around the 14" high mattress, let alone the 16" stated! I wouldn’t even donate these so $$ down the drain.