31 Piece Screwdriver Set

31 Piece Screwdriver Set
$0.02 + $5 shipping

1 Generic JAO129TJ 31 Piece Screwdriver Set

i have enough millions of screwdrivers from the last penny screwdriver deal :frowning: (and yes, i actually use them)

Good price, how’s the quality?

Now to figure out what I’m going to do with 93 screwdrivers.

Are these made in the US?

Great price, too bad it has to be shipped.

Looks like a nice little “eyeglass” type set included (Precision Screwdrivers) - can never have enough small screwdrivers - in for three. Great price.

I would go for this but I already have enough Chinese screwdrivers.

in for 3

in for one to build my robot.

I have these already…

OK, who is the one of you that couldnt afford .04 for three?

Bought three sets!

I think it is awesome that some people only buy 1… $.04 extra is TOO MUCH!!

I definetly agree thats why I got three of this set after passing on other penny screwdrivers.

31 ways to strip screws…

In for 3

3 sets are cheap enough (less than $6) to treat them as disposable.

but i only need one.