32 Degrees Tundra Chronograph - 8 Colors

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32 Degrees Tundra Chronograph - 8 Colors
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Can someone explain to me why every time I see a watch “deal” it shows the retail price way overly inflated when it’s obvious the watch was never intended for that price. These look like they’re worth about $40…

Time to check out the product page

I can’t even find this model on Amazon, so I assume it’s a brand new model and this is the first batch. Also if you search this brand on Amazon, all the watches are at LEAST 999 USD, and obviously no reviews… If I wasn’t planning on getting a Moto 360, this would be a sweet dumb watch. But I have been spoiled and desire a smart watch.

When I see somewhere wearing I watch, it makes me think they don’t know how to internet.

Join the rest of us in the future with the new fangled cell phones that keep your time and sync it to atomic clocks around the world.

Sometimes a watch can be classy and good for a professional attire outfit. (say fancy dinner parties)

You know,I’m one of those silly people who carry a flashlight in their pocket everywhere I go. My girlfriend made fun of me because I always had my little light. “When I need light I just use my iPhone.”

Guess who broke their stupid iPhone then needed a flashlight? Yeah.

(Cheap) watches have their uses - if someone asks you for the time, make sure they don’t grab your phone out of your hand and run.

Maybe. But I don’t have to turn my watch on to read the time. I just hold up my wrist (less motion than digging a phone out of a pocket or belt clip) and voila! There’s the time!

And what about those times that I just don’t want to carry a blasted phone and be annoyed by it10ts calling me? My watch sure does come in handy then, too. (haha… Tried to spell id10ts correctly, and woot changes it to idiots!)

I really want to meet the person that shelled out $295 for one of these watches before woot! drastically reduced the price for this sale…

“There’s no one who doesn’t have no need”

Sorry Woot, but that’s terrible grammer. It should read “There’s no one who doesn’t have A need”

Whenever I see someone with a smartphone, I wonder how much more their monthly cell bill is than my $24.95.

I wear a watch cause I would look even more stupid pulling out a phone in the pouring rain at 2am in a road side ditch to check a patients pulse and respirations.

As others have pointed out, this is a very flawed statement. Watches are quicker and easier to get the time from, WAY less likely to run out of battery, and a much cheaper alternative to time keeping when you’re doing something that you might not have/want a cell phone during.

They’re also a large part of some people’s style, even if they aren’t being used for time keeping.

Do you make fun of people who wear belts even when their pants hold themselves up without one?

For some reason my phone doesn’t work too well when I scuba. When I’m jogging I don’t want to carry a phone. When I’m hiking I don’t…, well you get the picture. Also, a watch is pretty darn convenient and doesn’t have to be recharged every 12 to 24 hours in order to work.

When I see someone dismiss watches outright, it makes me think they have zero sense of style.

Join the rest of us who know how to wear and accessorize a suit properly.

Albeit not with one of these pieces of Chinese junk.

Case diameter: 50mm. Is that correct? That is almost 2 inches. That is a huge watch, too big for me.

I think they were purposely going for a triple negative in their word play… :slight_smile:

As far as the initial idiotic and miotic statement that so many have rightfully slammed - since when did “Internet” become a verb?

Hmmmm…Woot changed my initial word to brainiacic???

Not only is a watch more convenient for time telling purposes, but a watch, at least for a man, is one of the only noticeable ways for a guy to accessorize and express some sense of style. I am a collector, and I can tell you I have watches for almost every style/occassion that I might encounter. Also, as a professional, a watch is a nice touch to business or business casual attire.