32" Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink

32" Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink

Vigo makes great stuff - I have it in my kitchen and my bath.

But with this sink there’s some considerations to be aware of:

  • 10" deep is DEEP. Combine that with the fact that it’s “under-mount” and 2 things may be a surprise to you:
  1. you will be bending over, a lot, to get to things in the bottom of the sink
  2. you are losing a LOT of under-cabinet space
  • you will have to move your plumbing for this “lower access” point
  • you may or may not have issues fitting in your garbage disposer
  • other under-sink items (we have a large water filter and "instant hot water tank) may suddenly be out of room

If you keep all that in mind and it’s OK for you it’s a decent sink. DEFINITELY well made.

HOWEVER - it scratches FAR too easily. We literally had marks the first week. And while easy to remedy - an annoying amount of water sits on that center bar.

The racks, while a great idea, never get used here - there’s always too much garbage from rinsing the dishes, etc that needs chased down the drain.

If I were doing my kitchen all over again I would not get 10" deep… but maybe it’s OK for you…

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