32-inch Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

No longer “anything but…”

I have a Vigo undermount stainless kitchen sink. It’s either the worst purchase I made as part of the total kitchen-laundry room-bath redo, or the second worst. It would depend on exactly where you rank the Vigo faucet I put in the laundry room. Seriously folks, this is about the bottom of the bottom line in plumbing fixtures, crappy beyond belief. Faucet emits only a trickle and yes I’ve disassembled and cleaned. Sink is pitting and showing rust spots - even the el cheapo builders model it replaced at 28 years old didn’t pit and rust. Avoid this brand for the rest of your lives.

Completely disagree with the poster above. I have this sink and it has been amazing! Very sturdy and high quality. Mine came with a grid for the bottom to prevent scratches. This one appears to have the grid as well according to the pictures. Lifetime warranty against rust as well. This sink is very heavy duty. Couldn’t be happier. I checked what I paid elsewhere and this price is a steal!