350TC 100% Pima Cotton 6Pc Sheet Set-4 Sizes

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350TC 100% Pima Cotton 6Pc Sheet Set-4 Sizes
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sateen = NO!

A bit of info on Pima vs Regular cotton


I want percale!

You and me both. I would buy this otherwise.

So it says Pima cotton with a “sateen” weave. Cheap sateen is typically woven using synthetic rayon fiber - not a sheet I would buy.
But since these are 100% cotton, I am considering them for my kid’s rooms. Think I should pass? The last time I bought sheets it was a woot deal with 800 count 100%cotton and they have been fantastic, especially for the price. I’d hate to be disappointed with these, but they are for kids…opinions before I hit ‘in for two’?

At least it’s a step up from the poly-plastic sheet they’ve had recently. (pun intended)

Hey woot~
more like these please:
So far so good with these sets…




I wonder what the depth is on these? The description gives no indication of what depth mattresses the sheets will fit. Could we get more information on that?

I bought these http://home.woot.com/offers/800tc-100-cotton-sheet-set-4-sizes-5-colors-1 when they were on sale and they just fit the mattress. The fitted sheet pulls up on the sides and so I get a not so pretty effect. The flat sheet is not big enough to drape further than my mattress. Now that other sheet set description said it was deep and would cover up to 17" deep mattress but my bed is only 11.5" with maybe a .5" - .75" more for the pad.

i love the colors

Agree!! Depth please

I really want green sheets, and the “aqua” ones really look green. But I don’t want aqua sheets… Woot, can you tell us what the real color looks like?

Sateen sheets tend to be a bit slick and shiny and do not breathe like good old percale or pima cotton. They are often cheaply made, but finished so they feel luxurious. I would not buy any sateen sheets and frankly you can probably find an even better price.

Are these guaranteed to fit over people’s mattresses and the Gel Topper people bought yesterday?

If you buy very good Sateen sheets they’ll be the best sheet you ever slept on.

I guess I’ve just not bought cheap sateen, because my sateen sheets have been wonderful and have never been anything but 100% cotton. I prefer that smooth, silky feel. And they “breathe” just fine. Some of my sets are several years old and have been washed countless times. They just get softer and more luxurious. Don’t get fooled by “thread count”, either. One of the best sets I’ve ever owned was from Fieldcrest. It was a 350 thread count sateen Egyptian cotton. But that was a single-ply, so it was a great tight weave, not the cheating “multi-ply” stuff where they can elevate the TC numbers. Those Fieldcrest sheets lasted for over 10 years, washed weekly.

Sateen is a weave, not a yarn.


• Regular weave with a thread count above 180TC
• Crisp feel
• Durable
• A one-yard-over, one-yarn-under weave
• Feels the same on both sides

• More vertical than horizontal yarns.
• Soft feel
• Glossy appearance and satiny texture.
• Not as durable; more apt to pill or tear
• A four-yarn-over, one-yarn-under weave

Pima cotton, also called extra long staple (ELS), is a type of cotton grown primarily in Peru, the southwestern United States and Australia. It is considered to be one of the superior blends of cotton and is extremely durable and absorbent. This type of cotton is named after the Pima, a group of American Indians who first cultivated the plant in the U.S., but the cotton’s origins are its cultivation in Peru.

I’ve asked about the depth. Waiting to hear back.

Answer: **They are made to fit up to an 18" mattress. **

Yay! Woot! Woot! I’m in!

How is the thickness of the sheets? The last sateen sheet set I purchased was really thin. Can anyone comment?