350TC Designer Sheets-5 Sizes-4 Colors

**Item: **350TC Designer Sheets-5 Sizes-4 Colors
Price: $34.99
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Condition: New

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How do these things hold up in the washing machine? My side of the bed is accumulating some fuzzy balls on it after washing. Ugh.

Nice, simple explanation on thread count can be found here

What’s the weave?

One would assume that they’re 100% Cotton 350 Thread Count Sateen Weave, but I’m not really sure of the answer.
I’ll ping the staff and hopefully have an answer for you soon.

Given that these are about the same price as 400CT sheets at Wal-Mart (where I don’t have to pay $5 shipping,) is there any indication that these might be better quality other than that their designer is famous?

But what about the “GSM” or Grams per Square Meter that you guys got me hooked on last week?

…waiting for comment on the weave. Thread count means next to nothing without it…

You grab with both hands, approach the washing machine, then hold the sheet up. That is how.

Okay, can someone explain to me what this “weave” term means? Also, I’ve always been a 100% Egyptian cotton sheets owner, and have noticed lately that most cotton sheets are “cotton sateen” – what is it?? Is it as good?

I think s/he meant, in a fight. I’m pretty sure the washing machine would win.

The only weaves I’m sure of are flannel, percale, & sateen. I’m a baby boomer & the ONLY weave for me is percale, and the good ones are hard to find. But, it still depends on the ply of the threads, the quality of the cotton (Egyptian, pima, supima or a plain cotton). I have not found one sateen that offers a truly non-wrinkle feature, or crisp coolness of the 200 thread count percales of the past (of the past, mind you). A lot of the sateens are scratchy. Anyway, I have bought more crappy sheets than I care to admit. I know will only buy something I can touch first. Probably, more than you wanted to know…

For some it’s a preference. Here’s a page that describes Percale vs Sateen difference with pictures.

These are a Sateen Weave.

Thanks for your diligence in getting us an answer

And to RogetRay. He sent off the email. I just posted the answer. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

That page fails to mention wear characteristics. Sateen tends to pill much faster than percale. At least - that’s been my experience.

I keep hoping to see some percale sheets show up here… guess I’m still waiting…

Percale…Sateen…threads per inch…

Does this remind anyone else of the Apple vs. PC wars here on Woot?

No matter what the product, we are all geeks about something…

HA! Love your post.