38"x84"L Blackout Panels-S/2-8 Colors

Not sure these panels are 76" wide each. Looked elsewhere & showed them at 38" wide each, still at 84" length.
Just wondering.

Ooh I want to make sure of the width too. I have a wide window in my living room.

Are these curtains different from these?


Because this item says each panel is 74 inches which is crucial information and seems wrong.

I have the same question about the width. I just purchased a bunch for five different 76" wide windows, but if the set is 76" instead of each panel, these won’t be wide enough.

Sounds to me like one set of two panels which total 74" width.

Description specifically says EACH panel 76" … is this true?

Kind of an important bit of information. I’m not buying until I see a solid confirmation of the total size.

Same here, Woot! Please confirm that the panels are 76" wide EACH. Very interested if the answer is yes. Not interested at all if answer is either no or non-existent.

On another front anyone have any insight into these? Quality, color, etc?

Same here, if they are 76" width, each, I am in for at least 2 :slight_smile:

Update: since these are 2 panels that equal 76" together, I’m out, but in searching, I found this from Amazon, only $5 more and not quite the same colors but I wanted black anyway…

Does woot ever actually answer these questions? Just wondering. It seems everyone has the same question.

The width dimensions is typically the overall width of the fabric please account for your ridges so you want to oversize your width. the 76" should be each panel not the overall for the set of 2.

They are in fact 38" wide each, we’re making the necessary updates. Thanks!

The width is in fact 38" on each panel.

Hi, each panel measures 38" for a total of 76"

Confirming these measure 38" on each panel to measure 76x84" on both

Confirming the measurement for 76" is for both panels, and not for each.

Both panels would measure 76".

They would be 76" but when you account for the pleats it makes them smaller, no one would want to fully stretch out their curtains.

I have the same size drapes on my window and it take 4 to cover my 72" wide window properly (to make them look pleated and not stretched tight) You have to remember that they are about 32" hung because they don’t lay flat on the wall.