3D Gaming and Home Theater Projector

Better than $50 yellow shaded glasses I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Never mind… only 1600 x 1200.

Sells for $899.99 NEW at bestbuy where they rate it a 4.1/5 @18 reviews.
Sells for $678.80 NEW at amazon where they rate it a 4.5/5 @27 reviews.

Website: http://www.optomausa.com/products/detail/GT750E
Manual: http://www.optomausa.com/webresources/files/support/2ff5b4d9a13e40619a44f7ca0f726588.pdf
Datasheet: http://www.optomausa.com/webresources/files/support/1476_Optoma_GT750E_Datasheet.pdf

Native resolution is 1280 x 800. A 1600x1200 input would presumably be downsampled to match the native resolution.

Also, note that 1280x800 is 16:10 aspect ratio.

Yea I had some other questions posted as I was considering it, but saw the resolution and decided against it.

hdmi imput @ 1080p???

I hate manufacturers claiming a resolution just because it can be ‘handled’ and downsampled!

The native resolution is a slightly less letterboxy 1280x800 (the 16x10 version of 720p).

They could claim 4k support if they wanted to extend their logic. Wow! 4096x1160 ‘support’. Even ultrahigh 8k resolutions supported.

Just advertise this as what it is.
A refurbished 720p projector with an impressive 3000 lumen brightness.

Review suggests that it’s especially good for gaming but functions as an overall decent projector for all purposes. It’s a “short throw projector,” meaning it’s better for a small room, but apparently can sit low, like on a coffee table, instead of needing to be mounted high - which is part of why it’s a good choice for gamers. PC Magazine gives it 4 of 5 stars and says similar positive things: good for gaming, great for smaller rooms. Video demonstrates quite a few features, but if you’ve already purchased a nice speaker set, you’ll want to mute it before watching the video: it features incredibly obnoxious music!

I have this. Bought it a few months ago after tons of research. It was the cheapest short throw projector with a pretty high resolution, good speakers, really bright lamp for daylight classroom use HDMI input etc. I can use it when I teach my community college class and for movies at home. Its very versatile but certainly not good enough for someone who specifically wants a home theater projector. I reckon it’d be good for gaming as well. Not my thing. I got it for its jack of all trades capability. Amazon has I nice portable 6 foot diagonal screen for about $100 to go with it.

I have been an Optoma projector user for over a decade now. I’ve gone from an HD20, to HD70, and now I have an HD33. I also own a Playtime PT-105 projector. I have always been impressed with Optoma projectors, they continually drive projector market prices down by offering some of the best bang for the buck projectors on the market. They were one of the first to offer a sub $1000 720p home theater project, one of the first to offer sub $2000 1080p projector, and one of the first to offer a sub $2000 1080p 3D (not 3D ready, 3D out of the box) projector. They seem to have hit another home run with this short throw projector.

This is one of the cheapest 3D projectors (fully 3D out of the box, ready to accept 3D input not 3D ‘ready’) on the market, it is one of the least expensive short throw projectors and it supports RF and DLP link glasses. Quite a jack of all trades and a great deal for the price.

Projector Central, my favorite projector review site, has given theGT705e Projector a highly recommended rating. The only difference between the GT750e and GT750 is that the GT750 comes with a pair of 3D glasses, otherwise the linked review applies for this model.

I’ve had great success dealing with Optima customer service on the one time I had to use it. While I don’t need a short throw projector, this would be my top choice if I did.

I too own this projector. Great for gaming and hi-def movies. Don’t let the 720p be a negative. You won’t find any 3d 1080p projectors for this price. Also, most people who don’t have a side by side comparison would probably think a 720 is a 1080 if they didn’t know the specs. I have been running 720p projectors on 100"+ screens for years and the picture has always been amazing, just make sure you have the correct seating distance or else any projector will look bad if you are too close. This thing has a great picture, does 3d out of the box without any converters, and it is easily portable (even comes with its own backpack)which is great for those who only want to use it from time to time. Also, the speakers play pretty loud, although as with any built in speakers, the sound quality isn’t good. Great for when taking it on the road somewhere, but not good enough for enjoying what you hear.

Now for the negatives. It is a short throw projector, so it will have be be placed in front of the viewer. Great for motion gaming like wii or kinect, but can be difficult for placement if you don’t plan on moving it. It does not have any zoom on the lens, so you adjust screen size by moving the entire unit. You also have to adjust up/down and left/right (when centering it on a screen) by moving the unit. This can be tough when fine tuning the picture placement. You end up getting creative with placing different objects under it to get it just right. Ceiling mounting it would be even more difficult, so I wouldn’t consider this model if that is your desire (assuming you have a fixed location for the screen). As for the 3d, it does project 3d without the need for any converter, but you do need to buy special glasses to view it. You will need either DLP link glasses or RF glasses (it does come with an RF emitter). Although it may not seem like a negative needing to buy glasses, when they average $70 per pair, it adds a lot to the cost of enjoying a 3d movie or game. If you have a family of four wishing to watch 3d you need to fork over close to another $300 before all can enjoy. No drop in the bucket! Also, it is DLP, so anyone that has issues with the rainbow effect may want to reconsider. I personally do not have any issues and have never seen the rainbow effect, so I would only assume this as a negative if you are effected by it.

So, considering the refurb price here, I don’t think anyone that can deal with the negatives can go wrong with this unit.

Are you serious! Do not sit too close or you can tell its 720p. Why don’t we buy 480p and sit farther away. Then we can save more money by fooling ourselves.

According to this review, “The Optoma GT750 sports a 2x color wheel and rainbows are seen fairly easily by those susceptible.” It’s hard to imagine why any company is still using 2x color wheels on current products. My only guess is that they could shave a (very) few bucks off of the price.

I see so many rainbows on DLPs that use a 2x color wheel that I cannot look at them…it seems more like a torture device than an entertainment device. Of course, some people can’t see the rainbows on any DLP projector, so this may not be an issue for you.

I saw rainbows on a projector that had a 5x color wheel, but they were reduced enough that I could actually watch a movie on it. However, I always ended up with serious eye fatigue and usually a headache. Because of this, I own an LCD projector…no color wheel means no issues at all.

Does this referb unit include the 3D glasses?

No glasses are listed in the specs:

*In the box:

Optoma 3D Gaming Projector EP-GT750-RFBA
AC Power Cord
VGA to Component Adapter
Remote Control
Batteries for Remote
Lens Cap
RF Emitter
Backpack *

That means that this model is actually a GT750E. The only difference between the GT750 and the GT750E is that the GT750 includes one pair of 3D glasses.

Just gave in and bought one. I have been wanting a projector for the longest time. I just recently bought the Optoma PT100 DLP PlayTime Projector but it’s more of a toy. It seems this is going to be the best option for me for quality/price ratio. Looking forward to setting this up in my basement.

Been looking for one like this to project a flight sim onto a store wall. The specs say projection distance is 1.64" to 16.4" which certainly would NOT work.

I’m guessing someone is math challenged and it is really 16.4 FEET and the conversion from .5m to 5m lead to a brain cramp?

Bleeping metrics!!!

salvaljr, I think you need to read a little better. I never said you can tell it is 720p if you sit too close. I said you have to have the correct seating distance or ANY projector (meaning 720p or 1080p)will look bad. Before you go insulting other peoples post try not to be a total imbecile while doing so!

To prove my point in my original post take a 50" tv vs. a 92" projection screen. The area of the screen for the 50" tv is approx. 1170 inches. A 92" Screen for a projector would be approx. 3555 inches, or over 3x’s the amount! If you sit approx. 8 to 9 feet from the 92" screen (my normal distance in my room using a 92" screen) you get a great picture. Yes, even with this 720p projector! Considering the image is three times the size as a 50" tv, divide the seating distance by three, giving us around 3 feet. Now, take a 1080p 50" tv and try to sit less than 3 feet away. How good is your picture from that distance? You don’t actually have to answer as we all know it isn’t good. No matter what size display you are using, be a regular style tv or a projector, you have to sit an appropriate distance away or else the image will look bad. The necessary seat distance is relative to the screen size.

Up until a few months ago I used to use a 720p projector on a 106" screen and sat approx. 11 to 12 feet away and the picture was fantastic (I had to move my theater setup into a much smaller room, hence the addition of the gametime short throw projector and 92" screen). In my original post I wasn’t saying 1080p isn’t better, I just believe that most people wouldn’t notice the difference between 1080p and 720p if they didn’t have them side by side in the same room.

Most xbox 360 and PS3 games put out at 720p anyways. There are few games that put out at 1080p, only 1080i, which is worse than 720p.