3D Gaming and Home Theater Projector

Nice review. Right on point.

Being refurbished, is there any idea of lamp condition? Don’t want to snag one just to have to replace the lamp in a few weeks…

So does anyone have an idea of Lamp replacement cost? I’ve had a projector before and when the cost of a new bulb is equal to 80% of the price of this unit, the decision becomes obvious.

The part number is BL-FP230H. You’re looking at around $200 for a new lamp. That’s pretty much in line with 3000+ hour lamps for other projectors.

Pretty sure this is the exact same projector my dad got for his living room. The short throw makes it awesome, he ceiling mounted it 6 or 7 feet from the wall that it projects to and the screen size is around 12 ft diagonally. The picture is really great they use it for all television and move watching. I would get one if I had the wall space for it. Can’t wait to watch football on this thing!