3D Lion

hoorah after 20 tries it finally let me buy one! Now i just have to wait 10 days until it comes :frowning:

Yeah, thanks. I’m a little embarassed that my pseudo wittiness turned out to look so ridiculous.

nah shoulda spent the extra molaa to get it in 2.

blue bubble spoiled every thing…could have been a cool shirt without that…
nice job…

My prediction is that this shirt sells out. It’s definitely fashionable (although most people on here don’t think so) but fashion is sadly not defined by most normal people. Nor by the people on these boards (thank God for most of you…) I love this shirt for a couple of reasons.

  1. White t-shirts are definitely in vogue, probably because they are hard to pull off. Most people can’t because you have to be thin and tan.
  2. Bright colors, such as the blue pointless bubble, are the fashionable thing. Especially when they stand out.

I can understand not liking the shirt, but it’s definitely a winner by fashion’s standards.

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a ridiculous statement if I ever heard one. not many people will have one, yes .fashionable? I think not.

Thus why you aren’t fashionable. I didn’t say I agreed with fashion or not, but I’m saying that there’s a level of fashion way beyond anything most people would think of or that makes sense, and that this fits.

I’d like you to take the time and put together t-shirts that you would describe as fitting into t-shirt fashion, young, hip, etc. T-shirts are weird because they’re normally the antithesis of fashion so it’s tough. If so maybe I’ll give you some credit. (But judging from the shirts in your sig… probably not [although I like your JFK shirt, despite it definitely not being fashionable])

All I can say is I definitely would have bought one if the blue blob was not there

I enjoy the design somewhat…but I would be much more inclined to purchase on heather gray.

I’m not sure how much I love the shirt, but I have to say I’m happy to see a white shirt on Woot. There are too darn many funky shirts in weird colors, and not enough shirts in colors I’d actually wear. I’m probably in one just to finally get a white shirt on woot.

not a fan… the blue bloob really takes away from the design. I agree shirts have not been great this week… I’m super excited for the derby shirts!!!

Most people do not like white shirts. Woot had one that only sold 290 because it was on white. It wasn’t a bad design either (Wheeler). This is the best daily in a long time, but that’s not that big a compliment. Sorry.

I really like the idea of the lion wearing glasses, 3D or otherwise. I wasn’t crazy about the speech bubble, but I would live with it. Having both a cryptic speech bubble and the white background makes me unsure about whether to buy this. I’m betting I will have a lot of time to decide, since I don’t see this selling out tonight.

why doesn’t the tagline say, “get in the car” ?

why are all the good designs on white?

This seems to be a real 10%er shirt. I love it, but then again, I love animals and noise and psychedelia.

White is great for me because one of the topical meds I’m on has a tendency to bleach clothes. Asphalt is one of the least colorfast dyes (as are steel blue, anything like that), so thank god it’s not another asphalt shirt. I do think woot needs to do more variety; bright colored shirts. I can only own so many black shirts before I’m like… hey, people think I dress the same all the time.


or, stayin alive stayin alive…ahh ahh ahh ahh stayin alive.stayin alive.!!

I don’t know, looks a bit like Keith Richards to me…

Bubble ruined it for me