3D Lion

I don’t know, looks a bit like Keith Richards to me…

Bubble ruined it for me

Almost bought the shirt. Realized it only has a wow factor. Seems like the kind of shirt that seems cool at first but after a bit it would get old.

far too fat. Missing a cig though. Other than that…wow, dead ringer.

Whered THAT come from?

i’m surprised that no one has hypothesized what my first instinct was: it may not be a text bubble. i think it’s just some really trippy smoke. silly lion, drugs are whack. xD

I feel you but to me it seems like the past few months I haven’t actually bought a shirt besides the random ones since 1/17/2008 and that was the Delicious one what is going on woooooooooooooooooooooooooot

I like the white, need more light colors, im in

That is such a weird shirt…

i thought it was obvious it is funky smoke . . . in for 1

I can’t pull the trigger with white. I love the design, though.

Speech Bubble? Funny Smoke?
I just thought it was sparkly bubble gum.

This shirt is sexy. Mine.

looks like Willie Nelson if he took his hair out of the braids. :slight_smile:

…or that dude from Grand Funk Railroad. LOL

I agree… that blue blurb just isn’t doing it for me.

…it also looks like Shaggy from Rooby-Rooby-Roooooo!

Love the design…hate the bubble.

It really is too bad about the wierd blue blob, totally puts me off from buying this. The lion is cool, and I even like the 3D glasses and can tolerate the white shirt.

This looks strikingly derivative of this tee from Threadless, only the threadless one is, uh, way better:

Not sure I totally agree with you. The threadless lion has an anthropomorphic hairstyle, and bourgeois aviator glasses. It is on a colored shirt, but not everyone can wear yellow.

Today’s lion is cooler because he is still sporting a mane like a wild lion and 3D glasses. Unfortunately, that blue blob and the white shirt are negating a lot of his coolness.

I’d buy it if it weren’t on white …