3D or 4D Massage Chair - Your Choice

Shipping kills this deal.

Oh, I haven’t heard that line in a long time. Thank you!

$5.00 shipping.

Emm was being silly. Customers used to say that a lot in the early days.

Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Come sit in my chair of dea… Wait. That looks comfy. Curses!

I did the math on the cheaper of the two options, the average 1-hour massage runs about $60, so it’s about 26 of those. Too bad Woot! doesn’t offer financing.

Wish it had heat

The J5800 has heat in the feet.

I am awaiting the arrival of my new 3D chair. Any ideas how big of a box it comes in an how many pounds it is?

specs of the box it comes in:
61L x 42 W x 29H and it is 235 lbs