3in Quilted Memory Topper

How well does this roll up into storage? I am looking for something to put on top of my inflatable mattress for guests. I want something that is comfortable as well as space compact.

I have back and shoulder issues so I have an adjustable bed that lets me raise and lower the head and foot areas of the mattress, depending where the pain is. (it’s complicated)

What I’m wondering is if one of these toppers is flexible enough to “follow” (or hug)the different contours of the mattress, or will it sort of bridge those gaps until I lay down on it. The latter could be uncomfortable…

I can’t tell whether this is a good price or not.

Also - anyone ever use a topper on a futon?

I see the mod is busy censoring my 2 posts which were drafted to protect us consumers much less correcting their own erroneous info. So, I’ll give fair warning again without recommending other products which might interfere with the almighty dollar and the Woot Thought Police - do your homework people.

Anyone ever tried putting one of these under the top cover of a SleepNumber bed? I was just wondering how that would feel. Still get the adjustable firmness of the air bed, but the extra comfort of the memory foam topper. And since it probably has to be zipped up inside the SleepNumber, corners would probably get squished down so our regular sheets will still fit fine.

Your posts concerned gel toppers (from what I could tell). We’ve corrected this sale - it is not a gel topper.

Nothing personal.

I see pillows in the picture. Are they included? Thanks.

It appears that Soft-Tex private labels these for Bed, Bath & Beyond as the Therapedic brand.

It might be worth a stop at B3 to test it out.
Their website also has reviews.

WTF: Latex is rubber from trees in Asia, mostly Thailand. Memory foam is made of petro chemicals. There are some combo beds and toppers that use both latex and memory foam but should be clearly stated. Latex costs more then memory foam.

Pillows are not included. Sorry.


The pricing here for these is good. A few yrs ago or more, we paid $200 (half price) for a 4 in. queen topper at Kohls.

You could probably use one on a Futon if you kept it folded out as a bed. Otherwise, it’d be sort of a pain to keep moving it off and back on.

“Where’s your other hand?”

“Between two pillows…”


Darn you Woot!

I saw this before work, and was excited that they weren’t sold out when I got home.

Then I realized it wasn’t gel.

I’ve been looking for a gel topper to put on top of my very cheap mattress I just bought online.

When I got an email and went in to see this topper it said gel memory foam. I started to order it tonight and it don’t say gel anymore. They changed it. I have the email saying it was gel also. What’s up???

I wanted and ordered a Gel memory foam topper. My receipt from you is for a Gel Memory Foam topper. I sent an e-mail stating I was not interested in a substituted product which I got no response to. Today, you are shipping the product that I was sold after being told it was gel foam. I have resent an e-mail including my phone number. Your error is not my fault. I have e-mails showing a Gel Foam topper and a shipping e-mail showing a different product. Please contact me to correct this ASAP!

Long time woot shopper.

Sorry for the delayed response to you guys.

If you have a questions concerning your order from today, please email into support@woot.com and let them know.

Please remember to include your order number and username so they may help you in a timely fashion.

They should be able to explain the issue and answer any questions or concerns you have about your purchase.

Customer service did not contact me so I contacted them, now they are arguing with me saying the item did not change and I must of been misunderstood what was offered this is BS woot. I am pissed you sit there and admit wrong and then accuse me of basically being stupid instead of cancelling my order.

I’m sorry for the problem. The email hasn’t been sent out yet but will be as soon as it’s approved.

I’m talking with CS on your case to make sure you get the correct information.

I purchased this and I have a fancy new adjustable bed. Anyone have experience with these and know if they are OK for use with adjustable beds?