3in Quilted Memory Topper

I sent an e-mail stating I was not interested in the non-gel topper. I have not received any response. Yesterday, I got an email that said the topper is on it’s way. I have resent an e-mail including my case number and order information. I do not want this topper as stated back on 3/25. Please contact me to correct this ASAP!

I also received an Email from Woot saying that a mistake had been made and if I didn’t want the foam topper to contact CS. before 5:00pm on Wed. the 26th. I replied on Tuesday afternoon , About 15 minutes after replying , I got a notice that the foam topper was on it’s way. I replied again to that email. I checked the tracking on this and as of noon of Thursday the 27th it is in Charlotte NC and still heading this way. (Maybe you should have copied the shipping Department on the if you don’t want it email)

What do you want us to do if it is delivered and we don’t want it???


Hey all. Despite our best efforts, we missed the boat on these being shipped out. We apologize.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. DO NOT OPEN IT! It’s vacuum sealed and you will never get it back in the box.

  2. REFUSE SHIPMENT If you’re there, just refuse the shipment. If you aren’t there, call FedEx and tell them you are refusing shipment. They will come pick it back up.

Again, apologies for the inconvenience.

I called FedEx (1.800.463.3339) and refused delivery while it was still in transit) (I live way back in the woods and didn’t want the FedEx driver to drive all that way for nothing or worse yet make two trips) They stopped the package and said that it would be returned to the shipper within 48 Hours.


I did NOT get contacted by you so I thought I was getting what you advertised. What I got is NOT 3 inches high, it is NOT gel, it has very low density so there is almost No support. I hate it! I had a very nice,supportive 2 inch topper, from you. I thought this would be more of the same. I cut down the one I liked to fit a full mattress (the one I hate is queen) so I can’t go back to it. I would send this back but 1)I don’t want to pay the shipping and 2) I need a topper. Woot is working my nerves. This is the second screw up with my stuff.

Ugh, sorry for the mix-up. Have you sent your order info and situation to support@woot.com? If not, they can take a look at your account details and review your available options. Again, apologies for the trouble. :confused: