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I bought the HD camera/projector (in red) a few weeks ago when it was on the front page. It is really cool! It does all that it says it does. At first we were disappointed it looked a bit weak at a larger size, but then we found the focus wheel. You need moderate darkness for ideal viewing, but closing the curtains a bit has never been an issue. We stuck a 32GB micro SD in and it has come to family gatherings ever since! :slight_smile:

I bought one of these camcorder/projectors and so far it’s pretty nice. I’m curious about what the life of the projecting bulb is but otherwise it works great!

Like previous poster, I picked up one of the camera/projectors on woot a while back. Unlike other poster, I was very disappointed. IMO there are some significant design issues around use. First, the touchpad is terrible. No tactile feedback and responds when you don’t want it to and is sometimes slow to respond. The tripod mount is for watching, not taking pictures or video. It’s not a good feel to hold either. Difficult for me to get pictures due to feel, button location and slow shutter. Side loading videos that you might want to watch is problematic - I still have found the right encode settings. The software is ‘weird’ to me. It doesn’t flow the way I would expect. One big thing I found annoying is that you HAVE to select to use SD for storage. It doesn’t auto detect. Oh and no case…not even a cheap slip case (although I wrote 3M and they sent me one…a cheap slip case that is).
If you just want to take pic/video and play them on this thing, then that might work for you. If you were hoping to get a projector in addition to a camera, then maybe not. I can’t comment on picture/video quality as I never reviewed off camera. I gave up on this pretty quick.

I will say it feels solid and well made. Price is good. There must be a reason.
Reviews (including mine somewhere): http://www.amazon.com/3M-Shoot-Camcorder-Projector-CP45R/dp/B005LESQLA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1367932696&sr=8-1&keywords=cp45

I have an Optoma P120 projector and can recommend that.

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