3M 88 Electrical Tape

Great tape.

Kinda thick & harder to work with for some applications, but you really can’t beat it for durability.

$4.00 for e-tape? ROFL, woot you lost your goddamn mind.

Have you found ‘Scotch 88’ cheaper somewhere??

I have six things in my cart, every one of them says “Fulfillment by Amazon”. Thanks for the laugh this morning, WOOT.

A discussion of electrical tape doesn’t require profanity. Please see the comment immediately after yours. Cheap electrical tape is worse than none at all. It’s not something to buy the budget version of. And it’s becoming difficult to find commercial quality stuff like this without making a special effort to find it. The stores are choked with cheap imitation versions of everything. Don’t get me started. So yeah, I will pay $4 for a decent sized roll of top quality brand name electrical tape all day long.

I agree. 3M makes the tape I trusted when I wired buildings for decades. The Super 88 and some Super 33+ tape in my bag & I was set. I could always tell when the person before me used cheap crap tape. The glue would give out & it would be a sticky mess…

3M tape will also get into a mess with the right environmental conditions. But it definetely is one of the more high quality, sturdier, longer lasting tapes out there. To the previous commenters saying that we should be happy that woot is giving us a deal because some tape is better than no tape: You can find this cheaper at physical and online surplus electronics stores because they need you to come in for the cheap e-tape, to upsell you on bigger value items.

Cheaper than $4 USD:


ebay matches the 3.99 price for a single.

inb4 moving goalposts