3M Automotive Paint Restoration Kit

I guess this stuff is to fix your car finish after you scratch it with all your garden tools that you bought from this category?

I’ll see if I can sell that marketing approach up the chain.

3.5 Star average review rating

I bought this last time, and still haven’t used it. You have to sand down a good portion around the actual scratch for the product to work. I’m just not going to risk it.

realized that the above review is for a different product thanks to the video posted below this post~


looks nifty – in for 1

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Let’s all learn how to use this product (with pictures!) over at autogeek.net

This stuff works great for the price. Now all Woot has to do is throw in a buffing wheel. and some microfiber rags… oh wait they did it! Super awesome!

From the description: “Requires a 6” random orbital polisher, microfiber towels, paper towels and spray bottle with water (not included)"

The kit comes with three buffing wheels and a scratch remover pad along with an adapter for attaching the buffing wheels…

You will still need to provide the microfiber cloths, paper towels, water, and of course, the 6" random orbital sander.

AutoGeek.com includes a free microfiber cloth, if you really want to pay twice the price for the kit after woot’s shipping, but before theirs is applied.

I guess this is like the layman’s version of their compounding/polishing products? For the pros, they have the compound in heavy cut, medium cut and fine cut, and then a swirl remover(polish). So, the scratch remover is the compound, but, and I’m guessing the second one is the polish, and then the wax (pro bottles say “hand wax”.) I’m guessing the scratch remover is a fine compound? Not sure why they dumb it down like this, as it will not make people aware of the heavier grades of compound that may be necessary or make it possible to repair paint that is more heavily damaged than just light scratches.

Woot once sold a box of seven compounds, polishes and waxes for only $10. I think it was Victory brand. I bought a couple sets. Good stuff. Now THAT was a sick deal and you got the full range of compound levels. This is good that it comes with some buffing sponge pads, but they’re not their good ones, just some cheapies like you can get from harbor freight (thought they do look slightly better).

I got all excited when I saw the little picture of today’s offering, thinking it was a sunscreen products bundle, LOL!

And it sorta is the automotive version, right???

Einszett. That’s all you need.

“The Germans always make good stuff.”

Yes, I would have to go to Artois, and reside there long enough to be considered a local.

Artisan perhaps?

I have less far to go before they call me a smartass.

Or it’s in this category because only tools worry about scratches?

My 9 year old oxidized Camry needs something. I’m in for one!

How do the pads mount? Not all buffers are the same. My Porter Cable has a screw type mount.

Me Too!

In decades past, I have done the compounding thing on old paint, working from a course compound down to a polishing compound. It always worked great.

BUT as most cars these days have a clear coat applied over the color coat to add depth and shine to the finish, I would think this would remove and mess up the clear coat. Anyone tried this on a clear coated paint job??

Don’t need this so much as a good Tanaka or Solo backpack blower! :smiley: