3M Filtrete Air Purifier

do n0t want

got one of these from woot a month or so ago. It’s decent.

I’ve seen this cheaper in the stores.

I’ve heard very good things about this Air Purifier, but I’ll pass.

Also, whoever was posting on the Digital Lifestyles TV thread and called that it would be an airfilter next…good call.

Wow a product I actually bought!

I run it on the medium setting pretty much 24/7 and I’ve noticed I wake up with less gunk in my throat/nose when I wake up.

Also, it gets rid of odors that may haunt a room. Obviously it wont take the smell of puke out of anything but just a musty odor or anything like that, it cleans the air stupid!

Ummm what else… I guess you’re supposed to change the filters 3-4 times a month which cost $20 or so.

IDK, I keep it in my room, I like it, worth it if you ask me :slight_smile:

I JUST for one and they charged me ALLOt more here SOB!

I JUST for one and they charged me ALLOt more here SOB!

stole it

This is a ok deal

Filters are $20 each or you can get them for $15 each if you buy 6.

In for 1

Ok so I got 2 of these once during normal woot and two more during the last woot off… they are great. No more stuffy nose every morning, noticeably better air quality with much less dust collecting everywhere. My dog used to sneeze about 5 times a day (really annoying when I’m trying to sleep) and he has not sneezed once in the last 2 weeks.

Heres the best deal I found on replacement filters:

6 or more filters - $14.49 per filter

use coupon code “couponcraze” for $5 off $79 purchase plus Free Shipping

then print out $5 MIR here which is good thru Sept 30th.

Grand total comes out to $12.82 per filter (you get 6 @ that price)

Thats a lie, I doubt you’ve seen this model in stores for less.

i bought 2 of these last time and they work great. they are i tad louder than i hoped, but the sound is no louder than a fan set at low.

I have 2 just bought another and filters are less than 10 bucks at Walmart

im calling the next woot is going to be a camera

Got mine on an earlier Woot. Sounds like a threshing machine about 70% of the time. Visitors to my office either leave or ask to turn it off.

the fapf02 filter is is $20.78 at walmart


Oops! I lost the URL link when I cut and pasted that… thanks!

6 or more filters - $14.49 per filter

Oh and yes I have ordered exactly that from them and I received a whole unopened case of 6 in just a few days. I highly recommend fridgefilters.com